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Hi Amanda,

I think the secret to having stable Word documents is having a uniquely
named template (definitey not Normal) with uniquely named styles (that have
different names to the defaults e.g. 'list n1' instead of 'list 1'). Don't
use any of the default styles.

Also in Tools>Options>Edit turn off "Keep track of formatting" and turn on
"Prompt to update style". This means you can make changes to the style
within the text of the document, then click in the style field in the
toolbar (if it's there). Either type in a new style name and hit Enter and
you've made a new style, or just hit enter with the cursor on an existing
style name and you'll be asked if you want to update the style to match
recent changes.

Funnily enough, I find Frame to be very counter-intuitive.


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>If you make sure you have automatically update styles off, you can 
>fudge things for the final edit and get away with it, as long as the 
>document is not going to be regularly maintained.

This I have done, thanks :)

>I still think, if you have any chance to do so, that you get them to 
>work a different way.

I'll do more research. I'm used to documenting online help in HTML and user
manuals in Frame. I'm not a Word person and find it very...counter-intuitive
when it comes to templates.

Why can't they just behave like a CSS???  ;)

Thanks again!

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