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Hi Geoff,
I use field codes, rather than word numbering.  It keeps me sane.  
Try using the SEQ field code with the following information:
    {SEQ "Steps"\* Arabic\r 1 \* MERGEFORMAT }
 ... Where "Steps" is the name of the numbered list and "r 1" restarts
the list at "1".
To continue the numbers in the list use:
    {SEQ "Steps"\* Arabic\n \* MERGEFORMAT }
("n" continues with the next number in the sequence.)


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... it's time to apply for a job as a garbage collector. It would
certainly be less frustrating than using MS-bloody-Word.
Why oh why can't I restart the numbering of a numbered paragraph. I do
everything that the OLH tells me (right-click the paragraph and select
Restart Numbering), but nought happens. With my cursor in the paragraph,
I display the Bullets and Numbering... dialog, but the Restart Numbering
radio button is greyed out. I can restart the numbering of other
numbered paragraphs in the vicinity, but not this recalcitrant bugger.
Any clues ... before I pull an early cork and call the local council?
Geoffrey Marnell
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