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What camera and Operating system is he using? Is he using Firewire under
Vista? Vista has known issues with Firewire. I have never been able to
get Vista to recognize my Cannon video camera.
Look at support at Microsoft for Vista and Firewire for some work
Also try another PC with a Firewire port, preferably running XP. If it
does not work under XP, suspect a hardware fault on the camera. I have
been told that incorrect connection to a firewire port can burn out the
motherboard on the camera - which is what also happened to me.
Check the firewire card is properly enabled and working through System
Devices in Control panel. Install/update drivers if required for the
Firewire card.
Also try another device on the Firewire card, like an Ipod, if it does
not work, suspect a faulty Firewire card. There only about $20 bucks to
Contact the Support area of the maker of the camera.

Cheers, Mark 

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        Not sure if this is just on the border of tech writing or
totally off-topic. 
        My son is using Adobe Premiere for video editing on our PC at
home and is having problems capturing from his video camera. I know next
to nothing about video editing, so I'm looking for advice. 
        I suspect there may be some simple way to do what he needs to do
that someone with a bit of experience could just pass on.  The problems
seems to be with getting Premiere to recognise the video camera. He has
also tried other capture software, but that seems to produce other
        If you think you may be able to help, I'd be very grateful. 
        Howard Silcock
        Technical Writer
        Zare Pty Ltd
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