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  • Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 14:45:26 +1000



Another seemingly odd question relating to the new world order of Microsoft
as it relates to base entry level computer users and how they work with


This time, file structure.


As old timers, we create our own files structures under c:\ - or at least I

As corporate workers, we create files structures according to some corporate
specification on some network drive or other, or in some DMS.


But for the computer sub-literate, the Windows XP world of folders starts
with Documents and Settings, My Documents, and the Vista world of folders
starts with Users, Documents etc.  They happily access these from the Start
Menu, ever using a window called Windows Explorer. 


The real world - that is, users of home computers and people training in or
being trained by our low level education system - only understand/s My
Documents or Users.  They have no idea they can pick a location on C:\
drive, or that these mythical User or Documents structures are actually on
C:\ drive somewhere.  They feel clever if they learn to put a folder under
My Documents.


My overlapping questions.


Are techos in corporate starting to use the Microsoft system to define user

Is the world generally adapting to the Microsoft virtual view of their
virtual universe?

Are you using Documents on your home computer?

Are your kids using Documents on their home or school computers?

Up until now I have always taught people to use C:\ drive.  Am I being a



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