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Thanks to Steve for his amusing synopsis...

A BA should know corporate laws. An SA should know IT standards. I think
that says it all really.

...and to everyone else for resources suggested.  They have been incorporated 
into an in-house manual for BAs recruited from the business.  Here is the 
summary for anyone who is interested.  Please forgive plagirisation of some 
words.  If you object, let me know.


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Book: Systems analysis and design: an object-oriented approach with UML

Authors: Alan Denis, Barbara Wixom, David Tegarden

Publisher: New York; Chichester : Wiley, 2002

Designed for non-IT students.  It covers the basic concepts behind software 
engineering from defining business requirements to writing functional specs etc.

Book: Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction

Authors: Jacka and Keller

Publisher: John Wiley


Good introduction to the subject. It has a CRM focus but provides templates 
such as process profile worksheets and work flow surveys that suit any business 
environment. Good advice on interview techniques, process identification and 
information gathering.

Book: Software for Use

Authors: Larry Constantine and Lucy Lockwood

Publisher: ACM Press 1999

Larry Constantine is regarded as the guru of user-centred software design.

Any book by JoAnn Hackos

Book: User and Task Analysis for Interface Design

Authors: JoAnn Hackos & Ginny Redish

Publisher: Wiley 1998

JoAnn comes from the perspective of the technical writer.

She provides useful information on:

·       determining the processes and business flows in an organisation

·       user centered design including how to document the process with 

Course: User-Centered Information Design Workbook


On line course on user centred design.

Vendor Resources: Rational Web Site at  <http://www.rational.com/> 

Details on their own methodology including Use Case Modelling.

Mailing List: businesss_analysis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 


On-line Forum:  <http://www.innovativebusinessdesign.com/Forum/> 


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