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TO:             leaders of Audubon chapters in Ohio
FROM:   Steve Sedam
DATE:           June 24, 2002
RE:             my resignation

Effective June 28, after nearly 12 years with Audubon, I am resigning as
Executive Director of Audubon Ohio to pursue other opportunities.

Numerous good things happened during my tenure with Audubon:
* working with you to achieve one of the most significant victories ever for
wetlands protection in Ohio,
* the birthing of Audubon Ohio,
* seeing the incredible potential of the Important Bird Areas program grow
in to a real force for conservation,
* discovering how the magic of an Audubon Center on the Whittier peninsula
in downtown Columbus captures the imagination of this city,
* supporting the phenomenal expansion and magic of the Aullwood Audubon
Center and Farm,
* and the blossoming of a very productive relationship with The Longaberger
Company are just part of the recent mix that has made my career at Audubon
so rewarding.

Without question, the part that will be the most enduring for me are the
many, wonderful people - volunteers, donors and staff - I've had the honor
to work with and be inspired by, especially you as chapter leaders who in a
volunteer capacity do so much for nature conservation and education.  You
have been mentors, counselors, instigators; healers, comedians,
interpreters, dreamers, architects and most of all you've become wonderful

It has genuinely been a privilege and a distinct joy to work with you and
other chapter leaders all across Ohio.  Your assistance, guidance, moral
support and your hard work in your community on behalf of birds, wildlife
and their habitats have been invaluable to the success of Audubon in Ohio.
Despite my departure, I hope you will maintain your commitment to the fine
mission of Audubon and the quality staff that remain at Audubon Ohio.  You
have been an invaluable part of the success of Audubon.  Your individual and
collective contributions are deeply appreciated.  I can't thank you enough.

I wish you all Godspeed.

p.s. If you would like to keep in touch, my home e-mail address is
Goldens101@xxxxxxx and my home telephone number is 614-447-1771.

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