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For Immediate Release:  Contacts:       Tracey Shifflett (Hansen)
March 11, 2002                          Nathan Naylor (Reid)
                                                Naomi Edelson (IAFWA)
(202) 624-7890

Rally Conservationists, Land Owners, & Students in Support of Bill to
Protect Wildlife - Bald Eagle to Fly over Steps of Capitol to Raise
Public Awareness 

Tomorrow, Rep. Jim Hansen (R-UT) and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) will convene
on the West Front steps of The Capitol to watch the flight of the bald
eagle, Challenger.  This comes on the heels of a report released by the
International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies on the health
status of America's wildlife.


WHO:    Harry Reid (D-NV), Assistant Majority Leader for the Senate,
Chairman Jim Hansen (R-UT); House Resources Committee; Challenger, Bald

DATE:           TUESDAY, MARCH 12 

TIME:           11:00 AM


Sponsored by American Birding Association; American Eagle Foundation;
Audubon; American Fisheries Society; Bass Pro Shops; Congressional
Sportsmen's Foundation; International Association of Fish & Wildlife
Agencies;  National Wildlife Federation; National Wild Turkey
Federation;  NatureServe; Pheasants Forever;  Rocky Mountain Elk
Foundation; The Wildlife Society; Wildlife Management Institute. 

Senator Harry Reid (NV), Assistant Majority Leader for the Senate, and
Chairman Jim Hansen (UT), House Resources Committee Chairman, will
announce the release of a new report on the status of America's Wildlife
at a supporter's rally tomorrow.  The Rally will feature the flight of
Challenger-an American Bald Eagle-on the west front steps of the US
Capitol Building.  The event will be held to raise public awareness and
support for wildlife protection legislation designed to work with
landowners and conservation groups.

Sen. Harry Reid's Statement: 

"The American Bald Eagle has made a remarkable recovery thanks to the
hard work of conservationists from around the nation," Senator Reid
said.  "But we can't stop now.  This report reminds us all that
America's wildlife is still at risk. That's why I'm supporting the
conservation efforts of local sportsmen and community members, who are
working on their own time, and in their own backyards, to conserve and
improve habitat for our wildlife.  My legislation recognizes that local
conservationists-whether they hail from Nevada, Utah, or beyond-are
often best equipped to protect and preserve wildlife habitat."

Chairman Jim Hansen's Statement: 

"Preserving our nation's wildlife should be a priority for everyone.
Sharing the commitment to conservation success with our local
communities may be the salvation many species need.  With hard work and
adequate funding, we can successfully recover species, as we've done
with our American Bald Eagle.  During my last year in Congress, I look
forward to achieving a workable, actionable wildlife conservation

Challenger, a non-releasable bald eagle cared for by the American Eagle
Foundation, has been making educational appearances throughout the
country since 1993.  The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) is a
not-for-profit organization of concerned citizens and professionals
founded in 1985 to develop and conduct bald eagle and environmental
recovery programs in the United States and to assist private, state and
federal projects that do the same.  The bald eagle is a long-recognized
symbol of unity, freedom and patriotism, and a living example of
successful wildlife conservation.  This species-nearly lost to us
forever-was restored through a cooperative effort among the federal and
state government, and continues to flourish.  The report from IAFWA
calls for a national wildlife conservation commitment reminiscent of the
1937 Wildlife Restoration Act.


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