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Gulf of Maine Visionary Award Presented Today at Blaine House

Augusta, Maine - Tuesday, June 25, 2002 - This morning, Audubon
Environmental Educator Pete Salmansohn was honored with the Gulf of Maine
Visionary Award, which was presented in a ceremony here at the Blaine House.
The Gulf of Maine Visionary Award recognizes the contributions of people
working to improve the health and future well being of the Gulf of Maine.

Innovative and highly committed, these "visionaries" have spent years making
the Gulf a better place.  Each year, the Gulf of Maine Council gives two
visionary awards to individuals or organizations in each state and province
bordering the Gulf.  This year's recipients are Salmansohn, and Sonja
Sundaram and Ben Walter, the owners of the Oceanside Meadows Inn and Nature

Salmansohn began his career with Audubon in 1979 and has worked for 22 years
at Audubon's Hog Island Camp.  He spent his first decade there raising
awareness of the coastal ecology of the Gulf of Maine, and his next decade
as Education Coordinator for "Project Puffin", the groundbreaking and highly
successful program designed to repopulate the islands of Maine coast with
Atlantic Puffins.  Salmansohn is able to innovatively combine classroom
visits and boat tours to educate children, adults, and entire families on
the project and the life of the charismatic puffin.  He estimates that he
has educated 30,000 people on board Audubon's eco-tourism puffin cruises,
and taught more than 10,000 students.

Just a few of Salmansohn's many other accomplishments include co-authoring
Project Puffin: How We Brought Puffins Back to Egg Rock  with Dr, Stephen W.
Kress, and receiving the 1998 Environmental Educator of the Year award from
the Maine Environmental Education Association.

The Gulf Of Maine Council on the Marine Environment fosters cooperative
actions within the Gulf Of Maine watershed to preserve our common heritage
and encourage sustainable resource use for present and future generations.
The Council's goals include restoring shellfish habitat, promoting
restoration of fisheries resources, addressing the ecosystem and public
health effects of toxics in the food chain, protecting and restoring coastal
habitat, monitoring marine debris and whale entanglement.

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