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Tuesday, April 23, 2002         Contact:  David J. Miller
                                        Executive Director, Audubon New York
                                        Telephone: (518) 869-9731

NYS Assembly and State Senate Pass Bills During Earth Week

Albany, NY - Audubon New York applauds the bi-partisan leadership by the New
York State Assembly and State Senate in passage of legislation to ban the
sale of lead sinkers in New York State. The ingestion of lead sinkers by
birds causes mortality, prevalent in common loons and other waterfowl.

"The time has come to get the lead out," said David J. Miller, executive
director of Audubon New York.  "Lead sinkers are a threat to birds as well
as to the health of our ecological systems and now we have an alternative to
poisoning our environment.  It just makes common sense."

"Water birds are needlessly poisoned to death every year after swallowing
lead sinkers. In fact, lead poisoning is the number one cause of death for
loons," said New York State Assemblyman Englebright. "Banning these deadly
lead sinkers will protect New York's wildlife and our environment."

"Loons are the symbol of a healthy Adirondack wildness and need to be
protected," said Bernard C. Melewski, Adirondack Council acting executive
director. "The members of the Legislature have helped ensure that future
generations of New Yorkers will hear the haunting call of the loon."

"The dangers of lead are well known and recognized. We already took the lead
out of gasoline and paint, and now it is time to remove lead from our
fishing ponds, streams and lakes in New York State," said Senator Carl L.

William Cooke, director of government relations for Audubon New York praised
the collaborative effort, which included strong support from the sportsmen
community. Cooke concluded, "Senator Marcellino and Assemblyman
Englebright's leadership as well as our partnership with sportsmen and
Adirondack groups made this bill a reality."

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