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Contact: Bob Barnes
Phone: (760) 378-3044


Weldon, CA, April 19, 2002 - The 8th Annual Kern River Valley Bioregions
Festival is set for Friday-Sunday, April 26-28, 2002.  Bioregion literally
means "region of life".  The BioFest is a yearly Festival of Life
celebrating the natural, cultural, historical, and recreational heritage and
diversity of the Kern River Valley and southern Sierra Nevada; one of the
world's greatest natural and recreational areas. 

The BioFest will offer activities attractive to all ages and interest. It is
designed to fit everyone's pocketbook. There is no overall BioFest
registration fee and most activities are free.

To celebrate the amazing diversity of the Kern River Valley, the following
BioFest program components will be offered: 5K/10K Run/Walk, Amphibians &
Reptiles, Arts & Music, Astronomy, Bats, Binoculars, Birds/Bird
Banding/Birding, Butterflies, Children's Activities, Dragonflies,
Educational Booths & Displays, Feathers, Fishes & Fishing, Friday Night
Buffet Dinner, Geology, Hiking, Lake Kayaking, Lots of Live Animals,
Mammals, Mosses, Native American Heritage, Night Hike, Owls/Owling, Plant
Communities, Post-BioFest Field Trips April 29-May 2, Resource Management,
Speakers' Forum, Sun Viewing Telescope, U.S. Postal Service BioFest Postal
Station, Western & Kern Valley Heritage, Whitewater Rafting, Wildflowers,
and Wildlife Art Show.

Experts from within the Kern River Valley, from around California, and as
far away as Wisconsin will be volunteering their time to help make this
year's BioFest the best yet. Many people noted in their field of expertise
will be participating as event leaders including Kathy Biggs (Dragonflies),
Pat Brown-Berry (Bats), Dan Cooper, Sam Fitton, Murrelet Halterman, Rob
Hewitt, Gary Potter, Jim Royer, John Schmitt, John Wilson (Birds), Joe
Fontaine (Geology), John Harris (Mammals), David Hollingsworth (Astronomy),
Tom Moore (Kayaking & Rafting), Kelly Richers (Butterflies), John Schmitt
(Feathers), Jim Shevock (Plants), Reed Tollefson (Habitat Restoration), and
Ron Wingdingstad (Binoculars) along with several of America's finest
wildlife artists.

This year's BioFest will feature activities to be held in Kernville, Weldon,
and Wofford Heights. Venues will include Audubon-California's Kern River
Preserve, Canebrake Ecological Reserve, Giant Sequoia National Monument,
Lake Isabella, Kern River Fish Hatchery, Kern Valley Museum, Kernville
Methodist Church, Kernville's Circle Park, North Fork Kern River, Odd
Fellows' Hall, Rich Pelletreau Wildlife Gallery & Studio, Sequoia National
Forest, Sierra South Mountain Sports, and South Fork Elementary School.

For more information on the 8th Annual Kern River Valley Bioregions Festival
visit via the Internet at http://www.valleywild.org/, e-mail:
KRPFriends@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or phone: 378-3044.

Bob Barnes, Outreach Director 
Audubon-California's Kern River Preserve
P.O. Box 953, Weldon, CA 93283
FedEx/UPS: 18747 Hwy. 178, Weldon, CA 93283
E-mail: krpfriends@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: (760) 378-3044
Web Sites: 

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