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Author, Illustrator of Sibley Guide to Birds Joins Audubon as Contributing

New York, NY February 28, 2002 - Audubon magazine is proud to announce that
its newest Contributing Editor, David Sibley, joins the magazine this month.
Sibley is a renowned naturalist and author of the best-selling National
Audubon Society Sibley Guide to Birds, a comprehensive field guide to the
identification of North American birds, and the National Audubon Society
Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior (Knopf).

Sibley's artistry appears in the latest issue of Audubon, illustrating
"Living on the Edge," the March 2002 feature by Don Stap on the hurdles of
shorebird conservation, with accompanying text by Audubon Field Editor Kenn
Kaufman.  Sibley portrays some of nature's most magnificent --and
vulnerable-- shorebirds (page 56).  In addition, his distinctive work will
grace several Audubon articles in months to come.

Sibley has been watching and drawing birds since age seven.  His affinity
for winged creatures has taken him on journeys throughout North America.
From 1980 to 1990, he spent much of his time at Cape May, New Jersey, a key
location for observing migratory shorebirds.  Throughout that time, he also
led birdwatching tours all across the continent.

The notes and sketches from Sibley's lifetime of birding fill about twelve
file drawers in his Concord, Massachusetts studio.  This work formed the
basis for most of the illustrations in the Sibley Guide to Birds, a volume
that took six years to complete.

Sibley's illustrations have appeared in many publications from Cape May Bird
Observatory newsletters to Bird Watcher's Digest.  He has also illustrated
several books in addition to the Sibley guides, including Hawks in Flight
(by Pete Dunne, David Sibley, and Clay Sutton, 1988), Tales of a Low Rent
Birder (by Pete Dunne 1986), and The Wind Masters (by Pete Dunne, 1995).
Sibley wrote The Birds of Cape May, a complete guide to the status and
distribution of the birds of Cape May County (1997, second edition).  Knopf
will publish his newest book, Birding Basics, later this year.

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