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Sean McMahon

                                                                Clean Water
Act Celebrates 30TH Anniversary
Bush Administration Action Threatens America's Water Supply;
Audubon Leader Named 'National Hero' by Clean Water Network

Washington, D.C., Friday, October 18, 2002 - The Clean Water Act (CWA),
considered one of the most successful environmental laws in U.S. history,
celebrates its 30th anniversary today.  While the CWA has made great
advances possible in protecting and restoring America's rivers, lakes,
wetlands, and coastal waters, the National Audubon Society today called on
Congress and the Bush Administration to strengthen America's resolve to
restore all its polluted waters and protect the nation's remaining wetlands.

Meanwhile, for his contributions to the restoration and protection of
wetlands and coastal waters, the Clean Water Network today honored
California Audubon's Arthur Feinstein.

"For 30 years the Clean Water Act has assured that we as a nation made
steady progress on restoring our lakes and rivers, making our beaches safer,
our estuaries healthier, and protecting our remaining wetland habitat," said
Bob Perciasepe, Audubon's Senior Vice President of Public Policy.  "Today,
on this anniversary, we find that this progress has stopped and in some
areas, we are going backward.  We need a new national commitment to restore
the waters that are not fishable nor swimmable, and to protect all of our
remaining wetlands."

Despite the important successes made possible by the CWA, enormous water
quality challenges remain.  Recent Bush Administration actions have
threatened to undermine the CWA by weakening programs designed to clean the
most polluted waterways, and removing protections for important wetlands.
These wetlands - so crucial for wildlife habitat, flood control and
pollution reduction - continue to be lost at an alarming rate.

Today the Clean Water Network, an alliance of over 1,000 organizations
focused on keeping the CWA's promise of clean water for all, is honoring 30
individuals who have shown outstanding dedication to the CWA's spirit.  One
of these national heroes, Arthur Feinstein, is executive director of Golden
Gate Audubon and as a member of the California Audubon Board.

"All Audubon is proud of Arthur Feinstein, who is being honored for his
significant contributions to the protection and restoration of California's
wetlands and coastal waters," continued Perciasepe.  "Audubon is working
every day to help restore water quality and habitat across the country, and
Arthur Feinstein exemplifies the spirit needed in Washington and in
communities throughout the country to move the nation forward."

And, to move forward, Audubon calls for restored administration leadership;
the implementation of an agenda of aggressively applying the CWA's
provisions; and adequate funding for the Environmental Protection Agency,
states, and local governments  

"The Clean Water Act unequivocally calls for the restoration of the
physical, chemical and biological integrity of our nation's waters, and it's
time America got back to work on this goal," Perciasepe concluded.

Audubon is dedicated to protecting birds and other wildlife and the habitat
that supports them. Our growing network of community-based Audubon Centers,
grass roots science programs for bird enthusiasts, and advocacy on behalf of
ecosystems sustaining important bird populations, engage millions of people
of all ages and backgrounds in positive conservation experiences.

The Clean Water Network is an alliance of over 1,000 organizations working
together to protect, enforce, and strengthen the Clean Water Act. For more
information, visit our website at www.cwn.org <http://www.cwn.org>.

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