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Contact: Jennifer Chikes

Visions of Hope and Survival
Carl Safina


"Safina, an insightful, reform-minded, and splendidly literary scientist in
the manner of Rachel Carson, employs one particular albatross, dubbed Amelia
and outfitted with a transmitter for satellite tracking, as his guide to the
ocean world in this riveting marine chronicle.  Safina contrasts a sobering
overview of past and present abominations with lively accounts of the
corrective endeavors of enlightened marine biologists to support his
optimistic view of an ecologically sound future.  Communication is key to
positive change, and Safina's superlative report is both catalyst and
-Booklist Ostarred review

"In this dazzling volume, Safina, a MacArthur award recipient, recounts his
travels to remote portions of the northwest Hawaiian Islands to witness
albatross breeding season.  By turns rhapsodic, scolding and mystical, the
book discusses issues that affect other seabirds, seals, sharks and sea
turtles.  But the albatross remains its primary focus.  Safina's
encyclopedic knowledge and spirited prose provide a stunningly intimate
portrait of an environment."
-Publishers Weekly

"An enjoyable travelogue layered with material on albatross biology and
behavior.... a briskly companionable account of days in the albatrosses'

"...a refreshing approach to natural history writing."
-Library Journal

"In this beautifully written work, Safina blends history and science to
offer, in a seamlessly telescoped style, first an ecosystem, then a species,
and finally one bird, the last as compellingly drawn as the protagonist of a
novel. The general reader cannot fail to be pulled deeply into natural
history by reading it."
-Edward O. Wilson, author of The Future of Life

"Like most biologists I love albatrosses-and have enjoyed watching them from
the Galapagos to the Antarctic. Few scientists have the feel for these
magnificent denizens of the marine world, for the oceans themselves, or
indeed for our entire planet, as does Carl Safina.  We are privileged to
have another wonderful book from him.  Read it to get a splendid view of the
world Carl and we inhabit."
-Paul R. Ehrlich, author of Human Natures: 
Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect

New York, NY, Tuesday, June 25th 2002 -- In 1998 Carl Safina published the
stunning Song for the Blue Ocean to overwhelming critical acclaim: the New
York Times Book Review hailed it as "passionate and enthralling
narrative...a landmark book" while the Los Angeles Times chose it as the
year's Best Nonfiction Selection, and shortly after publication, Safina was
awarded a MacArthur Genius Fellowship and a 2000 Lannan Literary Award.
Founder of the Living Oceans Program at the National Audubon Society, Carl
Safina brings us his eagerly awaited second book, EYE OF THE ALBATROSS:
Visions of Hope and Survival (Henry Holt and Company; May 14, 2002; $27.50.)
Mesmerizing and exhilarating, EYE OF THE ALBATROSS carries us on a
fascinating exploration of our oceans' secret life in all its forms through
the journeys of one albatross. 

In a group of islands brimming with wildlife in a lonely and remote center
of the ocean, half a million goose-size albatrosses await foraging parents
who may be gone for weeks in search of food. Carried by her giant wings as
far as seven thousand miles from her nest, Amelia-a hardworking parent
albatross wearing a state-of-the-art satellite tracking transmitter-scours
the ocean for just one meal for her patiently waiting chick.  Both host and
vehicle, she sweeps us along on her journey, sharing the world as an
albatross sees it.  As our guide in this extraordinary world, Safina
skillfully blends Amelia's travels together with literature, history,
adventure, science, and in-the-moment action. Safina shows us that the drive
to survive has carried these creatures through historic ravages of hunters
and plunderers-and despite a slew of new challenges, albatrosses and their
ocean neighbors will likely survive long into the future. 

With insight, authority, and action-packed drama, Safina's EYE OF THE
ALBATROSS renders an epic and universal struggle of hope, power,
persistence-and a look at life's resilience- through the eyes of one of the
planet's most alluring creatures.

Carl Safina, a MacArthur Fellow and 1998 Winner of a Lannan Award, is the
founder of the Living Oceans Program at the National Audubon Society.  Cited
as "a landmark book" in the New York Times Book Review, his first book, Song
for the Blue Ocean, was also a Los Angeles Times Best Nonfiction Selection.

Visions of Hope and Survival
by Carl Safina
Henry Holt and Company
0-8050-6288-9 * $27.50 * 400 pages
Publication date: May 14, 2002

For more information or to schedule an interview with the author, please
contact Jennifer Chikes at 212-886-1084 or jennifer.chikes@xxxxxxxxxx

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