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                Contact: John Bianchi


                Nathaniel Reed and Bernard Marcus are Honored for Lifetime
Conservation Achievement

                New York, NY May 9, 2001- National Audubon Society honored
conservation leaders from both the public and private sectors for their
commitment to preserving the environment at Audubon's third annual
Environmental Leadership Awards.  The awards were presented last night to
Nathaniel Pryor Reed, a lifelong environmentalist and management official,
and Bernard Marcus, Co-founder and Director of the Home Depot at the
ballroom of the University Club in New York City.

                The Audubon Environmental Leadership Award recognizes an
individual for either a single, extraordinary feat or a long record of
significant contributions to conservation.  Both of this year's recipients
have greatly contributed to the protection and preservation of the
environment for the benefit of birds, animals and people.

                "Not only has each of our honorees led past and present
fights for conservation, their actions will also have a far-reaching,
beneficial effect on the future," said John Flicker, President of National
Audubon Society.  "They have proven that great business and public leaders
must also be great conservationists.  We are delighted to have this
opportunity to honor them."

                Bernard Marcus is one to the co-founders of The Home Depot,
Inc., North America's largest home improvement retailer.  Many years before
it became fashionable, Mr. Marcus instituted an ethic of best environmental
practices for his stores, which includes recycling and re-using, community
service, and disaster relief.  Mr. Marcus and his wife Billi, among their
many charitable projects, established the Marcus Institute at Emory
University in Atlanta, GA, which provides programs for children and
adolescents with disorders of the brain and their families

                Nathaniel Pryor Reed served as chairman of the Florida
Department of Air and Water Pollution Control.  He was Assistant Secretary
of the Interior for Fish, Wildlife and National Parks under Presidents
Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford.  He has served seven Florida Governors
on several environmental commissions and served on the Boards of the Natural
Resources Defense Council, Atlantic Salmon Federation, National Geographic
Society, and Audubon.

                The Third Annual Awards Dinner Dance will directly benefi t
Audubon Centers and educational facilities.  Dinner proceeds will support
Audubon Centers, which will bring the wonder of the natural world to
children who may have never visited wild places.  Audubon will be closer to
fulfilling its "2020 Vision," an initiative to create 1000 nature centers
across the country by the year 2020.

                NBC News Correspondent and Anchor Forrest Sawyer served as
Master of Ceremonies.  Soso Whaley from All-tame Animals, Inc., and several
of her furred and feathered friends joined him.

                Founded in 1905 and supported by 600 members in more than
500 chapters throughout the Americas, the National Audubon Society conserves
and restores natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife, and
their habitats, for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological

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