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Jim Zelinski/Zelinski Public Relations
For Rogers Family Coffee Companies

Sarah Obraitis
Rainforest Alliance


"Brew The Right Thing" with Audubon Shade-Grown Certified Organic Coffees

San Leandro, CA And New York, NY November 21, 2003 - National Audubon Society 
and Rogers Family Coffee Companies - are honored to announce the launch of a 
new, habitat friendly, socially responsible, shade-grown, organic coffee line 
certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Audubon (tm) Coffee features a full line of new premium products offered at 
select retail outlets, gourmet stores, pet stores, supermarkets, through 
corporate service, and the Audubon Coffee Club www.auduboncoffeeclub.com 
<http://www.auduboncoffeeclub.com> .  This premium line of coffee reflects the 
goal of Audubon, the Rogers Family and the Rainforest Alliance to promote 
environmentally and socially responsible products that protect bird species, 
wildlife habitat, and dwindling rainforests, and which raise the quality of 
life for people in the world's coffee growing regions.  

"Audubon Premium Shade Grown Coffee proves you can provide consumers with 
excellent coffee and do so in a progressive way that takes into consideration 
environmental and social concerns," said Patrick Milliman, National Audubon 
Society Chief Communications Officer. "Audubon is pleased to work with the 
Rogers Family and Rainforest Alliance on this worthy project."

Coffee lovers everywhere can now purchase Audubon premium blends certified by 
Rainforest Alliance that meet its rigorous standards for environmentally and 
socially responsible coffee farming.  Audubon (tm) Coffee is also 100-percent 
certified organic and shade-grown.  The product line includes Audubon French 
Roast, Audubon Breakfast Blend, Audubon Rainforest Blend, and Audubon Decaf 
blends.  These Rainforest Alliance-certified Audubon(tm) Coffees can also be 
purchased online at www.auduboncoffeeclub.com 
<http://www.auduboncoffeeclub.com> or by calling: 1-800-770-9381.

"We are very pleased to forge this partnership with Audubon and the Rainforest 
Alliance, whose shared goal of protecting the world's threatened wildlife and 
natural resources mirrors our own commitment to preserving nature and improving 
the quality of life in the world's coffee-growing regions," said Jon B. Rogers, 
President of the Rogers Family Coffee Companies which includes San Francisco 
Bay Gourmet Coffee, Organic Coffee Co., and Fairwinds.   "Audubon Coffee 
reflects our goal to always 'Brew the Right Thing' for all of the people, 
flora, and fauna associated with our coffee."

Like all coffee roasted, distributed, and sold by the Rogers Family Coffee 
Companies, since their inception in 1979, Audubon (tm) Coffee is grown on farms 
where the Rogers Family mandates protection of nature and provides direct, 
continuous aid for thousands of coffee farm workers and their families 
throughout Latin America and Africa.

Audubon(tm) Premium Shade Grown Coffee is made exclusively from carefully 
selected Arabica beans cultivated by farmers in the world's premier coffee 
regions.  These exceptional farmers use traditional techniques to grow beans as 
nature intended - under a lush canopy of tropical trees, habitat for hundreds 
of bird species such as toucans and migratory warblers, and rainforest wildlife 
such as jaguars and tree frogs.  To boost production, many coffee farmers have 
switched to full sun farming and destroyed native shade trees, leaving little 
possibility for wildlife habitation.  The introduction of Audubon(tm) Coffee 
helps reverse this destructive trend.

"It is only natural for Audubon, a like-minded conservation organization, to 
launch a certified sustainable coffee product, and we are pleased that Audubon 
has chosen for its coffee program beans that meet Rainforest Alliance's 
guidelines for protecting workers, wildlife, and communities.  Increasingly, 
businesses and consumers are looking for the seal of approval that guarantees 
social and environmental responsibility," says Tensie Whelan, Executive 
Director of the Rainforest Alliance. 

For more information on the Audubon Coffee program, Source Aid program, Fair 
Trade, any coffee industry issue, to purchase products or to help the Rogers 
Family continue to "Brew the Right Thing," please visit 
www.auduboncoffeeclub.com, www.sfbaycoffee.com <http://www.sfbaycoffee.com> , 
www.o-coffee.com <http://www.o-coffee.com> , www.fairwindscoffee.com or 
www.naturefriendly.org <http://www.naturefriendly.org> . Or call 1-800-829-1300 
or 1-510/638-1300.

Editor's Note: Original and electronic photographs along with broadcast-quality 
video of Source Aid "in action" projects, the coffee roasting process, coffee 
farms as well as the people, flora and fauna of Latin America and Africa are 
available.  Please contact Jim Zelinski/Zelinski Public Relations at 
415/882-7787, 415/420-6050 or email zelinskipr@xxxxxxxx

The mission of the Rainforest Alliance is to protect ecosystems and the people 
and wildlife that live within them by implementing better farming and forestry 
practices for biodiversity conservation and sustainability.  Companies, 
cooperatives and landowners that participate in our programs meet rigorous 
standards for protecting the environment, wildlife, workers and local 
communities.   Sustainable coffee farming is at the center of its efforts to 
save rainforests, wildlife and to promote cohesive and progressive communities. 
To learn more, visit www.rainforest-alliance.org.

Princeton University graduate and ex-Revlon executive Jon B. Rogers founded the 
Rogers Family Coffee Companies in 1979.  He took out a second mortgage on his 
home to purchase and eventually transform a small, bankrupt firm into what 
today collectively comprises one of the nation's leading family owned and 
operated roasters of branded quality gourmet coffee.  The company also is the 
largest gourmet coffee roaster in the San Francisco Bay Area, and one of the 
nation's few remaining family-owned gourmet coffee roasters.  The Rogers Family 
Coffee Companies today include San Francisco Bay Coffee, The Organic Coffee Co. 
(the nation's top seller of 100% organically grown coffee), Fairwinds Coffee, 
Cunningham's Coffee, Pleasant Hill Farms Quality Coffee and East India Coffee 
and Tea.  Together the companies supply millions of pounds of coffee - 
including "Fair Trade Certified" - and tea each year to discriminating 
customers worldwide including all Costco stores throughout the Western U.S.  
All companies are based in San Leandro, California except Fairwinds, which is 
headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire. 

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