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How were the peeps I sent to you? Hope they were tasty! hahahahaha ----- Original Message ----- From: "BethAnn LaPresta" <bela28_02@xxxxxxxxx>

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Happy Easter everyone!
On Fri, 4/18/14, jamie <jaimemcgill27@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Subject: [audio-pals] hi all
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Date: Friday, April 18, 2014, 9:50 AM

hi all i wood like to thank thomas for all his help here and lets
see if my mail
goes out i am thinking of doing a free list one my self but wood like
to try this one
first chat soon jamie
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Subject: [audio-pals] Hello Everyone.

Well, you all should now be subscribed to the new audio-pals
list serve.
Feel free to start playing, also of course any questions
feel free to ask
either here, or off list. If you don't want the group
mail coming to this
given address, just let me know and I can change it or give
you instructions
as to how to change it if you haven't figured it out
yourself by trolling
around free lists.org.
The defaults are set so that you should see your own posts,
also that
replies go through the group.
Hopefully this new place will go smoother. You may
take the
audio-pals@emissives out of your contacts/address book,
technically that
group still exists, but it won't for long probably.


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