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Two other ways.  Either do command n to open new window and it will also be in 
the bottom of your sidebar, or you will see it in the browser.  Or a faster 
way, is to just line up on it and do command o which will open it.  At that 
point since it is an open window you can navigate around the whole computer so 
if you wanted to move a file from documents you can just go to their via 
sidebar, although perhaps there is another shortcut that I can’t remember at 
the moment, then find the document, command c to copy, then go back down the 
sidebar to your external drive, and either paste via command v, or move the 
file via command option v.  

For some reason in the past two major OS upgrades the VO spacebar to open 
things on desktop doesn’t always work.  Fortunately there are usually two or 
three different ways to skin the given cat.  
On Jul 12, 2014, at 4:22 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I may have to checkout Send Space at a later date if I start running low on 
> space, but right now I have probably 400 GB on my external drives still 
> available, 2 external drives, 1 TB on my desktop with only slightly over 200 
> GB used and now the MAC with 1 TB of space and all of its memory except what 
> the system required. However, I like the idea of having more accessible room 
> on my hard drives in case of a need. Speaking of hard drives I was listening 
> to a podcast regarding the iMac and one part told me to press the keys to go 
> to the desk top. Once on the desk top it told me to then press the VO keys 
> plus spacebar to go into the hard drive. I do that, but no go. Is thee 
> another way to get into the hard drive?    
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> No on sendspace once it’s up there it’s there and you can remove the file 
> from your computer.  In that way it is literally a storage place, whereas 
> dropbox is more of a cloud service, sendspace is a storage service.  
> If you set up a pro account theoretically your space in sendspace is 
> unlimited.  Their limits involve size of files to be uploaded, nothing more 
> than 4 gigs, but if you upload it as a folder in itself thus braking down the 
> files within as sub files it can be up to 1000 items that would show in the 
> viewer.  So once your remote folder gets over 1000 items showing in viewer 
> you get an obnoxious warning from sendspace.  Well to get around that you 
> just create folders and move the items into those, and you can sub folder 
> within those folders of course as well.  Say for example: you have your main 
> remote folder, so you create a books folder, then brake that down to fiction 
> as a sub folder, and non fiction as another sub folder.  Then of course if 
> you have multiple books from same author you have that author as a folder 
> then you won’t be showing all of that in your remote folder.  You can also 
> upload files directly into one of those sub folders.  All you have to do is 
> get to that sub folder, and open it then choose all the files you want to 
> upload into it, get it started, then you can either go back in history to the 
> previous folder, or go to the home folder in remote which would be your main 
> remote folder.  So you can put a lot of stuff up there.  Now free accounts is 
> a different ball game.  You can put a lot of stuff up there, but you have to 
> have download activity happening with it or the files will expire.  But as 
> you probably remember back when you joined the list I was using sendspace as 
> a storage drive basically to store stuff because I only had a 40 gig hard 
> drive.  So as you were joining the grow over at yahoo I was loading a lot of 
> stuff over there simply to keep some space clear on my computer’s hard drive. 
>  That is why I tended to be more reluctant to use dropbox because I was 
> having to maintain a copy basically on the computer, although actually I 
> don’t think it is on it once it’s uploaded to dropbox, but dropbox is so 
> limited for free accounts.  Dropbox though has been vary handy for putting 
> stuff into fem the Mac then pulling it down from the linux machine, because 
> the linux version of sendspace wizard is so out of date and useless 
> accessibility wise.  Of course I can put stuff on an external drive and carry 
> it over and hook it on linux machine too, which I do that more often now and 
> that is faster and can handle larger files and whole folders of course.  But 
> dropbox has still been handy between machines.But sendspace wizard in windows 
> and mac are both quite usable and accessible.  Gives you another place to 
> back upup stuff too.  Well I think it’s worth it at least.  
> On Jul 12, 2014, at 7:03 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> With Send Space do you have to keepa copy on your computer or once it is in 
> Send Space you can remove the file?
> Sounds like a good crop ahead of schedule.
> I am glad to hear that Pat continues to improve. Thos are in my opinion 
> definitely good signs you are observing.
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> Well I’ve been sort of busy reorganizing the stuff I have up in senspace and 
> sending up more stuff up there, so of course when stuff is uploading I tend 
> to not do a lot of other stuff with the internet because the other stuff will 
> be slowed down.  Have 20 items going up there today now, but these aren’t as 
> large of files, so hopefully they will get up there fairly soon.  Well by 
> late afternoon or early evening.  
> Our weather here this week is quite moderate, highs from mid 70s to 80, 
> humidity is fairly low, and past few nights have dropped into the upper 50s.  
> Wouldn’t mind it if summer was like that throughout, but I’m sure it will 
> change again by next week and will get hotter again.  However, I don’t think 
> we’ve gotten above 100 degrees yet this year.  Only maybe via heat index, but 
> not in actual temperature.  But there is a lot of summer left yet.  
> They always say “corn knee high by 4th of July is going to be a good crop.”  
> Well that may have worked a century ago, it was head high and taller already 
> by the 4th this year.  There are some fields with gaps though from the 
> flooding earlier this year, but any corn that is out there should do well 
> this year.  We’ve had enough heat and humidity, and then the heat backed off 
> this week so it won’t be stressed for a while then.  
> Patti is quietly improving as well.  Doing a little more on her own, or 
> trying to at least, and speaking up a little more especially when I am 
> teasing her to provoke her to speak up more *lol*.  Yes it’s working *lol*.  
> Not much else from around here though.  
> On Jul 11, 2014, at 1:21 PM, jamie <jaimemcgill27@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi all
> i am doing ok it has been sort of dead on here just like a funeral house lol 
> and all the family are doing fine just glad that the group came up tonight
> chat soon
> jamie

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