[audio-pals] Week in Review

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  • Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2014 08:04:13 -0400

Hello ,

   Well we will start with Friday. On Friday morning Amanda got up for a
training that lasted 3 hours, she has to have so many hours of training each
year to keep in good standing at her job. After she got home we had some
running around to do, last minute stuff, before we headed up to Kentucky.
Amanda's uncle, Little Man's great uncle, invited L.M. up to be the bat boy
on his travelling team of 13 and 14 year olds. So, L.M. thought he was big
stuff this past weekend running around on the baseball field. So, Sunday
morning we set off headed back home and actually enroute to a birthday party
that was for Amanda's co-worker's son and L.M.'s friend. The party was at a
place called Chuck E Cheese, I am told it is much like a Famous Dave's if
anyone is familiar with that. The previous name of the establishment was
Show Biz Pizza. The place is a kid's dreamland full of arcade style games
and characters that get on a stage and perform. So, after a long, but fun
weekend we returned home. Monday was semi uneventful other than L.M. having
Vacation Bible School starting up which ran from 6:00 to 8:30 each night.
Friday was the program night and the last night of V.B.S. Tuesday we spent
some time at the allergist office finding out that the pediatrician that he
went to the first time was incorrect in her diagnosis of him having
allergies to wheat, eggs, and dairy. We found out htat he only has an
allergy to Maple Tree Pollen. Wednesday we went to the library to return
some books and then headed up to a drive through safari that is nearby. .
When we returned back to town we went to the zoo and purchased season
passes. Thursday we went skating. I did not skate. Amanda did skate and
ended up getting injured, no broke bones that we can tell right now, but she
is still limping around as of this morning. Today we, Amanda and myself,
have DCS training in order to stay in good standing as foster parents that
starts at 9:00 and runs till 3:00. After the training is over we have to go
to her dad's house due to family being in from Pennsacola, Fl. While we are
at training L.M. is going to Super Hero Day at the Zoo with my Dad and Mom.
So, it has been a really busy week with minimal down time. Amanda is off for
the upcoming week, last week of summer vacation for her. Then one more week
and L.M. goes back to school ending his summer vacation.      

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