[audio-pals] VR Counselor is Horrible

  • From: "Josh" <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <audio-pals@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 21:28:00 -0400

   I have fought my VR counselor ever since he became my VR counselor. He
has requested documents that no other counselor has requested, he has made
incorrect statements regarding whether or not he will accept the
university's recommendation for a lighter courseload, he has tried to shut
down my continuing education, and now he is messing with my money. I did
gain some ground though on the continuing education because when I first
started VR I told them I want to go to law school. Well, the VR counselor at
the time told me that I should probably go with a lighter load, so I did. I
did make her document somewhere though that I want to go to law school.  I
told my second counselor the same thing and told her I may continue on with
psychology. Well, it gets to this guy who thinks he is all of that and a bag
of *insert your favorite chip here* *LOL* and I talked to him briefly once
before regarding continuing on and he said that they would have to see, but
he sounded doubtful. So, when I was talking to him seriously about it I
asked him if the department was going to pay for me to continue on with a
higher degree or if I am going to have to get representation to fight for
it. He didn't answer me directly and we hung up. We started discussing it
off and on and he opened up the door for me to ask about law school again
when he said that they cannot tell me what to do. I took the window of
opportunity. The latest is I need to pick between law school and psychology
and let him know by Friday. Now, a new battle has popped its ugly head up
and that is him not giving me funding for my textbooks when they pay other
people's rent. He wants me to go out and purchase the 5 or 600 dollars
sometimes maybe even $800 worth of textbooks each semester and then they
will reimburse me for supplies and textbooks. Um, no! This has never been
done this way before so I want answers as to why it is this way now other
than the fact I pushed them on one battle so now they are trying to come at
me from a different angle. I told them I fight enough battles on my own
without having to fight the very system that is there to help me by
providing the funding I need to go to school. I am hoping that I can get
someone a lot better to handle this or at least make him better through

    For some reason though I thought when given the opportunity to go to law
school I would jump on it and run, but really and truthful I am having a
hard time choosing. I am actually leaning more toward mental health
counselor which is completely different from what I was looking at from the
get go because if I stayed with counseling and didn't go for the law school
then I wanted to do family counseling, but now the mental health counseling
is appealing to me. So, now that I havea choice the turmoil has started
*LOL*. Do I go for a JD or do I go for an MA in counseling.     

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