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Hey do you have to defrag a Mac or anything like that?


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Josh, when I bought mine in 2011 it was just over 1800 Dollars, Actually
unlike in the PC world you will not have a lot of selection.  It will be a
matter more of what size you want, and even there you will be looking
usually at an option of two different sizes.  I opted for the 21 inch verses
the 27 inch monitor, but increased the ram instead.  .  The other option is
a Mac miny, that is going to be a smaller computer power wise, and you will
have to provide or purchase a monitor for that one, but those are also less
by a long shot money wise.  I think nowadays also you would have to hook up
your own external drive for cd/dvd drive for a ming too.  The odd thing
about a mint though is that it either must have a monitor hooked on it, or a
dummy plug to fake it into thinking you have a monitor hooked on it, if you
don't it will go flakey on you and then eventually will just quit, well your
Voice over will.  


Since desktop modles are a monitor themselves, of course you don't have to
worry about that.  Someone else will have to enlighten you more about
laptops though, have never had a Mac laptop.  Danny has a mini, so if you
all want to explore that option he can talk to you all about that.  We've
only had desktops here


Just checked the page, they have more than two to select from now, the
lowest starts at just over a thou, or just under 1100.  




Well at least now there's more choices than back in 2011.  

On Jun 26, 2014, at 1:48 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Amanda and I are about to get our settlement from the wreck a year ago. We
have talked and we have decided that with some of the money we will get a
new desk top computer. Amanda feels that a MAC would be beneficial being
that we have our nephew and the school systems here only use MAC computers.
Being that the MAC world is virtually foreign to us other than Amanda's
limited exposure in her job we need some feedback on what desk top models
are considered top of the line and why. If we go with a top of the line what
are we likely to look at paying? What kind of bells and whistles will we get
with going with a top of the line MAC?

     I feel that since we have not used the desk top in quite some time
probably four or more years that this will not pose a major risk to my
schooling and in fact will help me decide if a MAC will be my next lap top
purchase as well. If you all have knowledge about models that are not
necessarily top of the line, but great models to have in the MAC world
please share as well. I know Tom is a MAC user, but not sure about anyone
else. How are parental controls on a MAC? Thanks for any help offered on
this matter. OH and one other thing will the MAC bog down if it is not
upgraded with the later updates that come out once a purchase is made like
the phones do once they are so old? I know with my iPhone 4 once the updates
for the iPhone 5 came out it started to really bog down if not become
useless due to the speed it was showing. Thanks for any help offered on this
matter. I hope all of you are doing well. I am getting ready to go and house
sit so may be away from the computer for a while or it may be just the
opposite *LOL*. I do know that the next few days are going to be a busy time
as we prepare for the yard sale on Saturday from 8 to 4. Our little one is
going to try and make some money as well selling bottles of water. Talk to
you all later.    


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