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  • Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2014 11:25:26 -0500

You have to get good at those presentations if you are going to law school, so 
that you can do your thing in court too.  So good that you are feeling more at 
ease doing them.  

On Sep 4, 2014, at 7:44 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I do have it out of the way that is for sure and I did breathe a sigh of 
> relief after it was over. However, I was not as nervous as I use to be, when 
> I first started speaking in front of people I would almost have an anxiety 
> attack. I may still have some breathing issues if it was a presentation that 
> I had to give on my own, but since it was with a partner I think that helped 
> out. If it was my first time speaking in front of people or if I had not done 
> it that much then I would have definitely not went first no matter how much 
> it helped out later in the semester *LOL*. Additionally, I have noticed 
> myself getting more comfortable with it because back during the summer I 
> wouldn’t have accepted an offer to join my disability coordinator in giving a 
> presentation to faculty members. The one back during the summer was a little 
> different in the fact I did not do it for a grade and there wasn’t material 
> for me to have to rehearse and get down, but rather I got to talk about 
> something I know pretty well and that makes a difference too. This makes I 
> believe the third presentation I have given since being at UTK for a grade 
> and the fourth total. Luckily only one of the presentations have been solo 
> *LOL*. I went back and edited the audio file of the presentation making it 
> the only thing on that file by the time I cut it down. The total time of the 
> presentation was a little over 15 minutes, closer to 16 minutes. So, we came 
> up short on the time, but the more I listened to it the whole thing was like 
> the professor said pretty much balanced. I talked for right at 4 minutes, my 
> partner she talked right at 4 minutes, the quiz questions were right at 3 
> minutes, and then the videos were the remainder of the time. The videos I had 
> found other than the penguin getting kicked into the water and the killer 
> whale swimming by just right about that time got replaced with a different 
> video that was equally as good if not better than the mom song and the It’s a 
> Dad’s Life song that I sent to the list a week or so ago. I may not have had 
> an opportunity to send it’s a Dad’s Life because it was only slightly a 
> consideration if able to be worked in.   
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> Good job!  See now you have that out of the way.  You can do the simple stuff 
> now and coast your way right to the Top *lol*.  
> On Sep 3, 2014, at 7:28 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The professor wrote me back and informed me that the grade was up on the 
> website and again said that I did a great job. I went and looked at the grade 
> on the website and found that I got the max points available for this 
> assignment which was 40 points. So, the website read I got 40 out of 40. I 
> like quick turn around times when it involves grades like this *LOL*.
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> Glad it went well and I hope you get a great grade!  
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> On Sep 3, 2014, at 2:13 PM, "Josh" <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thank you for the prayers. The presentation went great. Now, we are waiting 
> on our grade, so fingers crossed that the professor thinks that we did that 
> well too *LOL*.
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> Hi Josh, I'll be praying praying that your presentation goes well.  
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> On Sep 2, 2014, at 7:16 PM, "Josh" <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, tomorrow is the day that I have to give my presentation. I did luck out 
> though and finally at the last minute I had a group partner sign up. So, 
> there are not three of us like all the other groups, but at least there is 
> more than one of us *LOL*. So, please keep us in your prayers and thoughts 
> tomorrow as we get ready to put on the first presentation of the semester. 
> There will be more, actually there will be presentations up till Thanksgiving 
> week. One kink has already been worked out. We were supposed to have our quiz 
> questions (questions that we design for the rest of the class) submitted by 
> 5:00 PM. My group partner had to work a double shift, I had to take Little 
> Man to a doctor’s appointment (everything went well at the check-up), and non 
> one had submitted the questions. There had been changes made to the quiz also 
> at the last minute by my group partner. She removed two of the questions that 
> I had submitted and exchanged them with my two alternative questions. That 
> was fine, but I had her explain it over Skype chat last night so we were on 
> the same page, but I didn’t know it was so I could make the corrections and 
> submit the assignment. So, I am glad that I inquired as to what changes she 
> made so we could get the questions submitted at least in the hour they were 
> due. So, please keep us in your prayers and thoughts tomorrow, it will be 
> greatly appreciated.

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