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Yep, my new dog is working out. I will keep her! She is pretty well behaved and has an evil side just like all the women in our family!!!! Hi Suzi! ----- Original Message ----- From: "" <dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> (Redacted sender "bela28_02@xxxxxxxxx" for DMARC)

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Hi Suzi, Heather and my mom live 2600 miles away. Heather's new puppy is Selah, a black lab and she seems to be working out great. What do you say, Heather?
On Wednesday, July 16, 2014 2:16 PM, Susan Waaga <s_waaga@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Nice to hear from you Beth Ann! I hope you will get better soon from your health challenges. How far does Heather and your mum live from you? How did Heather go with her new puppy? Suzi

On Wednesday, 16 July 2014 2:53 PM, BethAnn LaPresta <dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Nice to hear from you, Suzi. You certainly sound very busy these days. We've been very warm here for Washington state, our 9th or 10th day straight of 80 degree or above weather. My vegetable garden loves all the sunshine!

I haven't done much this summer, had some health challenges to work through. But, I will be seeing my mom and Heather in October, looking forward to that!

Hope you find a well paying job with good benefits, Suzi!

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014 7:55 PM, Susan Waaga <s_waaga@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Good afternoon everyone! Yes I know it's been a while since I last posted on here. It's always hard to be up to date with everything as my lifestyle is quite busy these days. Most of the time I am not always home to be on-line.

When I am at home I generally am busy with housework, job hunting on-line, crochet, catching up with TV shows I have recorded during the week or preparing scrap pages ready for the next workshop. That reminds I have some pages to do for this weekend as I have two all day workshops on both Saturday and Sunday.

My girls just return back to school for semester two this week after they had a two week break. Rachel spend her two weeks of her holidays with Grandma in Hervey Bay. It's a four hour drive from Brisbane. But I had my time with my eldest daughter when I could. We went shopping, seen four movies at the cinema and went social bowling.

Speaking of bowling I have bowled well for the past two weeks in my league on Sunday nights. I have bowled over average games, my team won all the points and finally my team is slowly moving up the ladder. Now I hope to bowl a good 200 game before the season ends in November.

Does anyone follow soccer? If so you would of heard Germany won this year's World Cup in Brazil. Tennis just finished in England. I was abit surprised to see who won in the men's singles. I thought Federer would of been the winner but not this time. In Australia our football season is still playing until October. I only follow rugby league! State of Origin of three games have already been played. NSW won this series after losing for 8 years.

Hope all members are well and enjoying your summer season. Feel free to share what you all get up to in summer. Australia is generally into winter season at present time. In the alps of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania had good snowfall. Tragically we recently lost two people's lives as they were buried under the snow in a mother nature incident. I think this may happened at one of the Victorian alps. We had afew cold starts of the day here in my state. If it happens on the weekend I generally stay in bed until 10am. This morning when I drove Rachel to school I wasn't sure if we had fog or smoke as the atmosphere didn't look pretty but now it seems to be all clear away. Suppose to have rain or possible storm forecast for later on today. And I have plans to be going out tonight too with Rachel. Have dinner and see a free movie at the club with her.

All the best in health to everyone and their furry friends. Have a good reminder of the time left this month. Suzi

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