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Hmmm, did anyone catch the remark made here? It seems as though there was a 
confession wrapped up in this comment *LOL*. Let’s see Paul pops onto the 
scene, Don changes his name to Elvis and then makes bold statements about 
“before we ripped poor Kate apart”. Heaver’s crime ring consist of both Paul 
and Don the Con. So, Heavr what did you have against poor Kate? It must have 
been pretty bad to order her death *LOL*.  


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Poor Kate, did we have a funeral before we ripped her to bits. Bethann you 
ought to be ashamed.


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Please, oh please...don't break or kill Siri.  She is so much better than Kate 
ever thought to be.

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It's okay Heaver, that just means I'll be blamed for breaking/killing something 
else the next time I visit.  



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Everytime I visit her, I get left or forgotten....even treated badly.  I ain't 
flying ever again!!!!!  Like EVER!  Sorry Bethie

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So, let me see if I get this right. I will grant you the fact that you did 
travel to Ohio to visit, but in my experience visiting has been a two way 
street. Are you telling me that you visited with Heaver the Cleaver and she sat 
there like a knot on  a log not saying a word back to you? How do you respond 
to this claim there Heaver? *LOL* 


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I knew I would get blamed for this somehow...that will teach me to be the one 
who visits family.



From: Heather H <copperlee73@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "audio-pals@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <audio-pals@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 9:00 PM
Subject: [audio-pals] Re: Start of 2015


I didn't kill Kate.  Bethie did.  She hasn't worked right since she was here in 
October.  lol   I miss her so much, Kate not Bethie.  Lol!!!  Love you 
Betharoni the uncured Pepparoni!!!!

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On Feb 17, 2015, at 11:36 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You killed Kate? Was it the Rum Balls, the Diet soda? Tell me it isn’t so, I 
never pictured you as the killing type Heaver the Cleaver *LOL*. 


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I have no windows of any kind now.  kate bit the dust last week.  I tore her 
down and threw her away.  I loved and will always love my xp but it is no more. 
 My friend is trying to talk me into a Mac.  If it is anything like my 
iPhone...I may consider it downt he road.  I just like the voiceover program 
better than the zoomtext I had on Kate.  I miss my Kate.  

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On Feb 17, 2015, at 10:40 PM, Thomas McMahan <shadowmonstrosity@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Some folks are already raving about Windows 10, but based on what experience 
I’ve had with 8.1, I would rave about most anything *lol*.  My sister-in-law 
says her old vista machine is faster than my notebook running 8.1.  I don’t 
doubt her and she’s a big Windows supporter.  She thinks my mac is out to get 
her and she’s been to scared to try the linux box yet.  Although she was 
showing some signs of interest with it earlier.  So we’ll see about that.  


Yes parts of the US have been pounded with snow, other parts not so much.  
We’ve had 2 snow storms with any decent amount of snow so far.  That’s below 
normal.  Have had bits of biter cold weather though, then it will warm back up 
a bit then go cold again.  El Nino winter, just not strong enough to give us a 
warm winter.  


On Feb 17, 2015, at 9:32 PM, Susan Waaga <s_waaga@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Hi everyone! Yes I know I haven't barely been online for two months as I had 
dramas with the previous laptop.  Now I have a new machine and I am slowly 
getting the ropes of using windows 8.  While window shopping for a new laptop 
the guy told me windows 10 is supposely coming out in the near future.  
TYPICAL!  Just as when I get use to using one program a new one comes out!!


Also we had six weeks of summer school holidays so most of my time was busy 
with my children. We visited three theme parks, visit a musuem twice, went 
shopping, alot of dining out with friends and seen 6 movies at the cinema. Was 
thinking of going away for a week but it started to became more a wet January.  
We live in a tropical cyclone environment.  We are on cyclone watch now!!  
There is a tropical low out to the sea and it is forecast to hit inland as a 
category one by the middle of the night tonight.  We are forecast to have 
storms and heavy rain up to 500mm in two days.


The girls have been back at school for three weeks now.  Both of my girls had 
their swimming carnival recently and school photos were taken. Monique didn't 
have a good start to her school year.  In the first week her best friend was 
admitted to hospital after she collapsed at school and lost her sight.  She had 
fluiid in the brain!! Since then Monique had a virus for two days and only 
yesterday she sprained her left ankle.  She has now house bound for afew days. 


Next month Rachel will commenced volunteer day at a Meals for Wheels centre.  
Its an organisation where they cook and deliver meals to people who aren't 
fully dependent to cook themselves.  I don't know what her role will be as she 
isn't old enough to have a driver's licence.  All her grade level is involved 
and they are roster two mornings a week for two students each week during 
school term. Later in the year they all will have work experience for a week.


Was on a break from bowling and craft over the summer holidays.  In mid January 
bowling league resume.  At present time my team is in the top 10 position.  It 
changes each week! My team mate had two star of the weeks for bowling over 
average games.  I had ups and downs each week.  Craft resumed two weeks ago.  
At the moment I am only attending on Tuesdays and some Wednesdays.  I hope to 
start studying soon.


Hope everyone is well and enjoying their winter season in the nothern 
hemisphere.  I heard it has snowed alot in US.  I am start to wonder if we will 
have a cold winter for once.  Suzi




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