[audio-pals] Re: Stacey's Latest Letter On SS.

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OK, I will ask the God and Goddess. Hope everything turns out ok.

On 5/12/2015 4:09 PM, Josh wrote:

I was doing the recurring monthly payment until Amanda had to quit her job in order to fulfill the requirements of her internship due to her other employer falling through on their agreement. She has reapplied for several positions within the school system again. She is also applying for office positions in law firms and outside of law firms. So, please keep this situation in your thoughts and prayers.

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Thats why I just have them charge a monthly payment, just put it in the budget. It’s cheaper than a car payment *lol*. But yes your stuff will just stay up there for 30 days if no downloading activity is happening.

It’s been a pretty good back up storage place for me especially back when we were still using the old Mac because it only had 40 gigs storage on the hard drive. Well it still has that, we just don’t use that machine much.

On May 7, 2015, at 6:41 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx
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I have not gotten a chance to listen to the letter, but speaking
of SS I deactivated my account for a short period of time. If you
ever decide to do that make sure you can move your stuff within 30
days because lifetime storage is only a benefit if you are paying
them. That makes sense, but their website was not real clear. I
reactivated and just went ahead and paid for 6 months so I do not
have to worry about it for a while.


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Okay here’s Stacey’s latest letter on SS in the archive.


I also have a letter already in the group box in DB, but am
waiting for it to go up to SS yet. SS decided it wants to upload
a different folder first, and won’t let me pause it to start the
letter. So that will probably be a little later today because I
don’t plan to stay up all night while it loads this one folder.
So SS users will have to wait a little bit. Once i have a link
you all will have it too.

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