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  • From: Thomas McMahan <shadowmonstrosity@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2014 14:10:20 -0500

Unfortunately sendspace often mixes the term folder and file, over using the 
term folder.  Logically as a zipped file it should show only as a file, well in 
reality it is still just a file whether it is one thing zipped up or 500 things 
zipped.  That is just sendspace being generous with the term folder, because 
I’ve seen that on individual files as well.  

Haven’t read Time’s latest newsletter yet.  But passing a massive law doesn’t 
necessarily mean total control.  Although in reality they already have a good 
chunk of control involving insurances.  Medicare is the big fish in the pond, 
what they do effects every other insurer.  Obama care is a farther reach of 
course, and is sort of a mix of Midicare and V A, and well you probably know 
how well the V A takes care of veterans.  They really generally don’t run that 
system very well.  There are individual institutions that are good, but they 
are offset by bad ones.  That is also the place where Government tries their 
little experiments, so can be a pretty good indicator of what they are thinking 
in high places.  
On Aug 7, 2014, at 12:06 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The project does sound like a rather ambitious project, but probably not an 
> impossible one when you think the first step was to get control of the 
> healthcare. Once they have control of the healthcare they can mandate 
> whatever they want through the healthcare system and actually ensure that it 
> is being carried out. I also seen somewhere oh through Tim’s newsletter I 
> believe that BO signed an executive order to quarantine all people with 
> respiratory illness for an indefinite amount of time. The program switched 
> the file from an mov extension to a mp4 extension. I am not sure if Switch 
> would then convert it further or not, but if I did any further conversions 
> then more than likely it would have stripped out the audio and I would have 
> been left with an audio only file.
>    Before uploading the file I zipped it up so then I guess it would act like 
> a folder since it was zipped. As a matter of fact it does recognize it as a 
> folder because I moved it from the root so-to-say into the appropriate folder 
> and inside that folder it now reads 2 folders.
>    On the website it says there is 6.3 GB and on the wizard it says there is 
> a 6.29 GB item.
>    I found it interesting that my Windows Media Player played both the mov 
> extension as well as the mp4 extension. I believe there was one time that I 
> would have had to download Quick Time in order to listen to these formats.   
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> That is a rather ambitious project isn’t it?  Sounds like someone is trying 
> to stir people up.  Don’t know about the rest of the world, but Americans 
> still get rather wound up about possibly being marked in that way, it’s weird 
> to me in some ways though with so many in the same population getting 
> themselves tattooed.  But at least a lot of them would tell you they don’t 
> want anything to do with the mark at this time.  
> I’ve had sendspace tell me that my account had ran out via the wizard before, 
> I clicked okay which brought up the website, then I just close Safari and try 
> again and then it usually works, because I knew that I had paid for it 
> because I get a receipt of payment each month.  
> Yes you should have gotten a receipt e-mail from them if you have it set to 
> send you one.  If they don’t you have to find the context menu while at that 
> file and copy the link to clipboard at that point.  It is the same context 
> menu that would allow you to delete the file.  VO shift m for the mac, maybe 
> your windows key in windows or whatever your context key is.  Does it report 
> the file size, if it’s quite close to the actual file fon your computer, then 
> probably got up there with no problem.  Got lucky with the shut down and yet 
> it remembered where you left off.  Perhaps with it being structured as a file 
> and not a folder is why.  Whereas if you had uploaded a folder from your 
> machine and it got cut off thats it.  You will just have a partial folder at 
> that point.  
> Yes it does sound like you will have an alternative way to record stuff now, 
> and or also convert your .m4a files from your phone, however, in reality an 
> .m4a is typically smaller than a .mp3.  Guess the only reason I don’t use 
> .m4a for my letters and stuff is that there are a number of people here who 
> may not have a player for .m4a.  
> On Aug 7, 2014, at 6:51 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I got up this morning after leaving it like I did the night before and found 
> that it was in the list of my remote folders. So, it appears to have 
> uploaded. Now, I need to see if the glitch I encountered yesterday caused any 
> problems with the file. I have not received any e-mails with the direct link 
> or any other links like I did with the test file, but maybe it will appear.
>      So, how is everyone doing. I think I am going to learn more about this 
> Total Recorder program as it seems like a great program that is easy to use. 
> Maybe I will snoop around today and see if I can locate any podcasts 
> regarding the program. I am learning quite a bit though by just playing with 
> the program because the original file is not effected by anything someone 
> does in the program like most other programs that are for editing they leave 
> the original untouched. It appears that Total Recorder will record anything 
> it hears whether it be a program on the internet, a Skype phone call, or a 
> headset recording. I believe I seen something that said if it can cross the 
> sound card then it can record it. So, I may have a new method for recording 
> audio letters if I can learn more about it prior to school starting. Also, in 
> my quest to find a program that would edit the video I redownloaded Switch 
> which is a file conversion program. I had it once before and either I 
> downloaded the wrong file or they have changed their practices because you 
> use to be able to use the program to do limited things for as long as you 
> wanted to use it, but if you wanted to do more in-depth things with the 
> program then you had to buy the Switch program. I tried purchasing it once 
> and my bank flagged the purchase and would not let it go through. My bank 
> flagged my Sen Space purchase as well and would not let it go through so I 
> had to use a different bank account. Luckily we are in process of switching 
> banks, but being Social Security is involved we have a small window in order 
> to make the change.   
>     Like I told the fraud department, this is a great thing having purchases 
> flagged, but they should have a way for a customer to put in a secret pin 
> that identifies the purchase as being them.
>     In unrelated news *LOL*. I seen something cross Facebook yesterday that 
> was kind of disturbing. The headline I read, but didn’t go any further read 
> that by 2017 all Americans will have a chip implanted into them. I hope this 
> is a BO thing that will be reversed before this comes to light, but it is 
> still a bit scary to think this is the mark that will control everything we 
> do in the future.
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> There is a pause in the toolbar, well it’s called stop, but that acts as a 
> pause.  Also in the transfer table, on the file that is going up you may be 
> able to pause it via the context menu.  With a mac just VO shift m and there 
> is a pause, but that is just for the given transfer.  Usually that stops it, 
> but it may just grab another if you have a list of them waiting to go up 
> there.  So if you can just find the toolbar you should be able to stop it.  
> It’s been several years since I’ve death with the wizard in windows though.   
> On Aug 6, 2014, at 9:30 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well… It recognized the .mov file type. However, upon saving it changed the 
> file type to mp4. Amanda said there is video there so I am a happy camper. It 
> list all of the file types, there are quite a few, but when I seen the .mov 
> file type I grabbed the program. One thing I do not know how to do is how to 
> pause a file in process of uploading through the Send Space wizard.
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> There are quite a few people I know of using total recorder.  I don’t know 
> what file types it covers.  
> On Aug 6, 2014, at 9:12 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, I was quite surprised tonight when I opened up Send Space and found my 
> file that I was working on last night plugging away at uploading. Now of 
> course it didn’t start working again until I opened up the wizard, but just 
> the fact that it was there surprised me since I had just closed out of the 
> wizard without saving anything or pausing anything. Also, while looking for a 
> program to edit the video file I came across a program that seems to be just 
> as much a beast as Amadeus or Audio Hi Jack Pro just for the Windows side of 
> things. Just like in Audio Hi Jack Pro, it has free features. The program is 
> Total Recorder. It says everything with this program is free and has full 
> functionality with the exception of a small sound inserted ever so often 
> until the full version is purchased. I listened to a roughly 20 minute 
> recording and the only sound variation I heard was perhaps a silent period 
> from time to time. The sound may be inserted when trying to record a You Tube 
> video or something to that effect, but minimally effects my home video. Go 
> figure I would spend all day trying to locate a program to trim down the 
> video that I spent all day yesterday trying to upload only to find that it is 
> still uploading after I found a program *LOL*. I trimmed the video down and 
> then ran it through something that apparently amplified it because it said 
> videos cannot be normalized.   
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> Well I think Amadeus can handle those, I don’t know about on the wWindows 
> side of things though.  
> On Aug 6, 2014, at 11:03 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It is best I can tell an ordinary file extension of Apple’s. It is .mov
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> Yep, .mp3 is audio only.  So you are going to have to edit the video in some 
> way.  I don’t know if you can edit video with i-movie or not.  The only thing 
> I’ve ever done with video is to listen to it and that’s it and convert them 
> down.  Well come to think of it if you have amadeus pro and it’s a video file 
> type that it recognizes, you can simply make a copy of it, then open the 
> copy, then let it run to the point where you want to cut it off, then in the 
> select in the apple menu of Amadeus select extend to end, then hit the delete 
> key and it’s gone, then save as change the destination point and there you go 
> as long as it recognizes it though, that is the actual problem.  
> On Aug 6, 2014, at 8:47 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It is a single video. It has a size when zipped of 6.29 GB. I am not sure 
> what it is unzipped. I really only need about 20 to 30 minutes of the video. 
> This video was recorded using the iPhone. If I didn’t need the picture to go 
> along with it, then I may try MP3 Direct Cut, but if I am not mistaken mp3’s 
> are only audio. Is that correct? Right now I am contending with the fact that 
> I broke Send Space *LOL*.  
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> It may not, they do have their glitches sometimes.  
> What kind of file is it anyway, if unzipped is it still one file or multiple 
> files in a folder?  
> On Aug 6, 2014, at 6:38 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I didn’t get this message until this morning. When I came back to it, I had a 
> message informing me that the upload had failed. I didn’t realize that there 
> was a pause button. It tried to reconnect a few different times with no 
> success. My computer in power saving options was selected to not turn off or 
> go to sleep when the lid is closed, but it did both. If it had not done that 
> then I believe it would have been just fine. I am going to try and figure out 
> how to cut the file in half as only the first half is what is really needed. 
> Another problem I discovered this morning is it seems as though sendspace.com 
> is not working properly, when I go to the page it tells me that it cannot be 
> found.  
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> Well I hope it remembers it properly then, or just pause it if you have to 
> take a break verses actually shutting down the wizard.  Of course your 
> internet is probably also faster than mine is I’m guessing.  
> I did finally get my new version of linux installed.  Took a couple of tries 
> though but we got it done.  So now that is running and I have at least most 
> settings to where I want them.  Tomorrow will start by setting up the various 
> apps that work online since I had it wipe the hard drive.  But I did save a 
> lot of stuff to external hard drive, so that won’t be a very long set back.  
> On Aug 5, 2014, at 7:53 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thank you for this information. I have been working on an upload since a 
> little before lunch time today (12:00 PM) and it is still uploading. I only 
> have about .69 GB left to upload, but I think I am going to have to do that 
> in the morning. I had to compress this file into a zip folder in order to get 
> it to even be accepted.
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> Probably don’t want to change defaults.  You have to find the folder you want 
> it to go to for a given file.  Then if using the mac move the mouse cursor 
> over the folder, then num pad 5 twice, then it will kick you into folder at 
> that point.  Then option u to choose the file to upload if it is local.  If 
> it’s already in the remote folder and you want to move it over, you have to 
> find the file first, then command x to cut it, or alt x in windows, then go 
> to the folder you want it to go to, then open it with the moving mouse cursor 
> to that specific folder if on the mac then double num pad 5, and I think 
> enter on a windows computer.  In your preferences it is probably checked to 
> upload in open folder.  Your computer will say “loading”  which is the new 
> folder becoming available.  There will be a place at least called comma at 
> least.  Then do command v or alt v to paste it.  If it’s a large file it 
> might take a few seconds, and the wizard may say loading again while it’s 
> transferring, but it won’t take nearly as long as uploading from your local 
> folder which is the computer.  Do not do deletes of files you see in your 
> local folders, they will delete them from your computer and they are then 
> gone.  Yes I did that so learned it the hard way.  Doesn’t do the normal 
> trash dialog.  Any locals you want to delete do that outside of the wizard.  
> Also don’t forget refresh is your friend because what you move may not show 
> as being moved for a while until you hit refresh.  After you have moved a 
> file, then go to previous folder in history and click that which will take 
> you back to where you were, or click go to home which is your main remote 
> folder.  
> Here’s an example maybe.  
> I create a folder in remote folder called books.  I have some James Paterson 
> books.  Some are in the remote folder, but I have a new one on computer.  So 
> I go to books in remote, move mouse cursor to VO cursor control option 
> command f5.  Double click with num pad 5.  It says loading.  Scroll down with 
> VO keys and down arrow of course, if it still says loading, then back out of 
> interaction, then go right back in there.  At that point it should just say 
> comma.  If so then back out again, and create a new folder called James 
> patterson.  Then interact again and find that new folder, and move mouse 
> cursor again to that point.  Double click that.  The wizard will say 
> “loading” again.  Once the comma is available, then do option u.  Files that 
> I usually upload I store in the user folder, seems to upload out of there.  
> So in the dialog I set it to colom view which is how I prefer to view stuff 
> anyway.  Then if the Patterson books that are local are in a folder I just go 
> the right, and hold the shift down and arrow down, or do command a to select 
> all once I am lined up on the list of books.  The back out of interaction and 
> click okay.  Those books will start uploading, and they will be uploading 
> directly into the James Paterson folder itself.  
> Now back in the remote folders, click home folder.  Interact and find what 
> Patterson books I already have in there.  Hold shift and arrow down however 
> many times there are books, lets say there are 3 of them.  VO will likely 
> tell you what you are scrolling and highlighting in your main folder, but 
> just using arrows will not work in sub folders, you have to then use VO keys 
> and arrows.  Then command x to cut them.  then go find books and move mouse 
> cursor over control option command f5.  Double click with num pad 5.  Then 
> once loaded, go inside the books folder and find the Patterson folder, and 
> then move mouse cursor to that point again, then double click num pad 5 again 
> and once it says comma, past with command v.  It should be done within 
> seconds.  Then back out and go home, or go back to books folder or where ever 
> you wish to go.  Once the pathway is established in setting p an upload, it’s 
> fixed.  You can back out and it will still go to the Paterson folder.  So you 
> have filled a sub folder of a sub folder from two different sources.  You 
> then don’t have as many things showing in the viewer of either your remote 
> folder, or your books folder and that is a limit that sendsapce does have.  
> Over 1000 items showing and you are apt to get a warning.  
> This is a long explanation, but they don’t make it overly easy, but at least 
> it is now doable with a mac.  Maybe it has been for a long time, and nobody 
> figured it out, but I accidentally stumbled right into it.  Couldn’t 
> understand why it said “loading” so interacted in and discovered I was in a 
> sub folder.  So now am totally reorganizing my sendspace.  Am going to 
> seriously put it to use now.  As if I didn’t before.  
> Also if you get a folder link, just copy the link, which in Apple Mail just 
> vo shift m and copy link is an option.  Then go to wizard, and interact into 
> the first unknown.  Paste it into the blank.  then click add.  You will get 
> an ad folder dialog of course, you can then choose to download the whole 
> thing, or click navigate the folder.  At that point you are in their remote 
> folder, not your own, and can get what files you want.  Also the double click 
> of num pad 5 will let you see into the sub folders, then get what you want 
> and go back in history.  Once you have selected all you want to download, go 
> back to home folder which will be your folder, your remote folder that is.  
> Wizard will keep downloading from their folder with no problem until it’s all 
> done.  
> Now if you have it set to put downloads in your downloads folder, and you say 
> are downloading a file called, Audio-pals, you will see that file in 3 or 
> more parts until the download is complete.  Then it will consolidate into 
> just one file.  I tell you this incase you have never used the wizard.  
> Now I suspect you will have about 10 more questions.  And maybe you are 
> rethinking about sending that huge zip file up there, when you could with 
> just a lift bit of work creat a whole layout in the wizard and have it just 
> send up little .zip files instead.  Then if you get interrupted, it is more 
> likely to remember and pick up where it left off.  If you upload a folder 
> which you can do that, and it gets cut off before it’s done, you then have 
> the folder showing up there in remote folder, but it isn’t complete.  It will 
> also not likely resume if it was a folder upon restarting the wizard.  But a 
> string of .zip files will.  And actually I think it maybe a little faster 
> because the speeds are more accurate and usually stay up pretty fast most of 
> the time if it’s a string of 50 small .zip files in the upload cue verses a 
> big folder full of files.  
> Okay this e-mail gives you an hour’s worth of reading, and probably about 24 
> hours worth of confusion.  
> On Aug 5, 2014, at 10:32 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The wizard does show me a list of all my remote folders, but I still have not 
> figured out how to delete nor select a different folder to place the file in 
> other than the default. I seen on the website the default location, but when 
> I clicked on it as it indicated I should do nothing happened.
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> On Aug 5, 2014, at 7:45 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey Tom do you know how to delete a single folder without having to delete 
> all the folders that do not contain a file in Send Space?Which computer are 
> you using first of all?  Is this a folder inside of another folder, or just a 
> folder in your remote folder only?  Or just a file in remote folder?  One 
> thing to not forget in navigating with the mac is to mouse over, which is 
> control, option, command f5 that is supposed to move the mouse cursor over 
> the specific item that is in the VO cursor.  It is very handy for dealing 
> with wizard.  If it is a file inside a sub folder though, you need to go into 
> the sub folder.  Find that folder in remote browser, mouse over, then num pad 
> 5 twice it will say “loading.”  Back out of the interaction, then interact 
> back in.  The first thing should say comma, VO arrow down and there are the 
> individual files in the folder, find the one you want to delete and mouse 
> over again just for safety reasons, then delete either using delete key, or 
> function delete if a laptop keyboard, or control num pad 5 which brings up 
> the normal VO context menu and delete is an option in there.  Yes sendspace 
> isn’t quite normal so some times you have to do the control click to bring up 
> the normal VO context menu.  That’s probably because it is a remote folder 
> and is a few layers deep is my suspicion.  
> Not sure if any of that actually helps you or not though.  

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