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Congratulations and I will be praying about the rest Josh.

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I am officially through for the summer. I know for a fact that I passed 2 of my classes. I needed to pass at least 2 classes to be considered a senior. The class that I thought I was going to fail, that I actually made a C+ in and then my behavior class I made an A- in it. I am still waiting to hear back on 2 of my grades. Unfortunately my 3.96 GPA will be dropping due to the C, but I cannot focus on that, I have to focus on that I am now a senior and worry about the ramifications if any the C brings later on. Ramifications would come when applying to grad school if I decide to go. Everyone says that the one class will not effect me and the counselors in the Office of Disability Services say that when the time comes I should go ahead and go to grad school and bypass the Masters program and go ahead and go straight into the Ph D program. I can see it now Dr. Smith replaces Dr. Phil *Lol* The last exam had to be turned in at 8:00 PM via the internet. I hit send on my exam to send it and then I checked the time on the clock and on the message and boy did I cut it close. The clock read out8:00 PM. Well, I have some wrapping up to do for the semester before I can say it is officially behind me such as cleaning up my computer, but other than that we can put spring 2014 in the books. The other 2 classes may not be great, but given everything that has went on this semester I am happy with what I already have.

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