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So far so good with the io group

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I think at some point soon, we’ll all be over there. Have already modified the
settings over at the missives group. Can’t actually find it’s delete group, so
that one might just sit on all moderated as a reserve in case groups.io
crashes, then at some point soon take down the free.lists.org group entirely.
Originally I was thinking I would keep the frilliest.org group up as a reserve
in case >io crashes, but maybe not. Although there is the option of just
shutting down both groups and then just keeping up with an ongoing list of
membership from groups.io then should groups.io crash would just send out to
everybody on the list. Had to do that back in the days of Yahoo when it’s
system would puke and leave us all stranded. So no definite plans concerning
back up group, it’s a definite maybe at this point in time. But yes soon the
bulk of activity will be over in the groups.io side because then we can all be
on same server.

Most everybody has moved over, I can only think of one person for sure who
hasn’t, and well, that’s up to each individual if they want to come over or

On Jun 16, 2015, at 11:58 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have not joined this group yet, but what is everyone saying about it so far?

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Okay have been exploring a possible idea for another list serve that we all
might be able to use, but just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will for

The group’s homepage is:


Or if you wish to subscribe via e-mail it is:

<mailto:audio-pals+subscribe@xxxxxxxxx> audio-pals+subscribe@xxxxxxxxx

This serve is made by one of the people who made e-lists, which then became
e-groups which then became yahoo groups. At that point he left because it was
a buy out. It’s administration is quite accessible to me, and it even seems so
via firefox on the linux box, at least not any less accessible than missives.
So that means more accessible for some when compared to frilliest. But the
only person in there is me and as I said just because it works for me doesn’t
mean it will for others. But it does accept yahoo mail, so that angle may be
covered too.

Give it a shot if it works out we can get these two groups back to one server,
if you can’t tell it sort of bugs me having two separate groups with the same
purpose, because in the long run it seems that the people using missives are
the ones left out because most of the talk happens over on
<http://frilliest.org/> frilliest.org. So the list isn’t foiling it’s purpose
or mission.

Now I have it set so that I have to approve members, and posts for new members
are moderated, then I should be able to jump in there and switch that off, but
in the future that will be handy as people come in there because if I mod new
member posts I can see if they are legit first. Most of the time people are,
but back in the days of yahoo had a couple who weren’t, they just wanted to
promote certain things which didn’t apply to the list.

This group serve has the calendar again too, I have that set for members to
both see and edit that, but will also be able to do files automatically like
Yahoogroups did which will be nice.

Give it a shot, lets see how it works.

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