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I do not know what all Amanda has in the kitchen, but if her’s gets set in then
it is terrible trying to get it out.

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Ucaliptus oil if it’s upper sinus. Sage tea if it’s lower, but since this is
all just starting, probably the first would be better. Also green tea when
lower too. Brew it lightly though because for it to work for lungs, no sugar,
no honey. but if you have to use one of the two then honey, refined sugar
kills any good it can do. The green tea works for colds more than sinus, but
can be used if thats what you have on hand. Sage tea, of course don’t use many
leaves, sage is strong by nature.

But still of course best to go see doctor if you all haven’t already yet
because you don’t want to take a chance of it really setting in.

On May 20, 2015, at 12:01 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I know when the sinus infection gets a hold of Amanda it takes a real toll on
her. I am hoping that she uses some of these oils in her diffuser before it
real grabs a hold of her. On a side note though we went to Little Man’s awards
day ceremony. He got several awards. The school said he did not get perfect
attendance for the year, but having legal minded parents we sat out to research
this since he has been at school each and every day. He did have a hand full of
early dismissals, but all excused and all after the designated time for leaving
(according to the documentation both at the school board and the handbook a
child must be present at school for 3 hours and 15 minutes to be counted there
for the day). He was there at least 3 hours and 15 minutes many times more than
that. The handbook talks about tardies and in only one place does it mention
anything about early dismissal. The school board and the Tennessee Code
Annotated only focuses on tardies and mentions nothing regarding early
dismissals. At the point in time we were speaking with the principal over this
she had trouble finding information in the handbook regarding early dismissal.
So, while we were having lunch with Little Man his teacher came up to us and
told us that he would be getting his medal and his award for perfect
attendance. So, the questions that I asked and the research that Amanda did
must have made someone look into it further after we left. The tacher said that
he would be getting his medal and award and one other child would be qualified
now in her class now that this has been cleared up. So, I will believe it when
it happens and he walks through the door with it in his hands, but that is the
latest word we have received. The teacher went on to say that she wanted to
give it to him, but her hands were tied.

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Antibiotics time coming. Yes a lot of people around here have had sinus
through the whole year, was a bad winter for that kind of stuff around here.
Unfortunately it sounds like it’s now found your house. Hopefully you all can
jump on it early before it really sets in.

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Well… I believe that the recording I did the other day when I said I had some
allergy issues going on is more than just allergies. I called my doctor this
morning due to a new symptom and Amanda thinking that I am dealing with a sinus
infection. She says that she can feel her sinus infection coming on so
hopefully we can stop hers before it gets too bad. When she gets them , they
are really bad.

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