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I do think that she should keep her mouth shut especially since she doesn't
even consider us family. So, that would mean that her husband needs to deal
with his kid.


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Yes, we do have to follow what the courts say. They believe that just
because the court is out of it now that everything is back to normal. I told
Amanda the next time they invite him to spend the night we will put a stop
to that and tell them that we will be over about so and so time to stay the
night with them, all of us *LOL*.   

He believes that because his ex boss knows everyone here that he can say and
do whatever he wants without any reprocussions. Amanda claims that I know
everyone here too. It is true that I know a lot of people here of course I
grew up here so by doing that you get to know people.

  I told Amanda that before we ever think about going over there again, we
should have dinner with them out at a restaurant that way we are all on
neutral ground. More than likely they will decline, but nonetheless we wil
have extended an invite for them to see their grandchild (we have never
denied them the opportunity nor the ability to speak with him). 

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Yes we have some of the same thing going on up here, sometimes we are family
especially if someone needs financial help, but within a week we aren't
family.  Then the last time which I wouldn't help got a nasty e-mail saying
how we aren't family anymore etc.  Then one day several months later got a
phone call here and as the lecture about us not being family started and
that the person said they didn't want any contact with us, I picked up and
said, "then why are you calling?  Good bye."  Haven't heard anything
anymore.  Probably because the person was called on it.  Wants no
communication, but is calling?  Sounds like harassment to me.  Well a bunch
of messages are saved on the machine from over the past year, and some
e-mails too.  Yep so I know a little of what you're going through.  


You have to follow what the court says, they can not like it all they want,
but you are still bound by what the judge says.  What they are doing puts
that in jeparty.  One parent being a step too if I remember the e-mail
right, well, that parent  should consider taking a perfect opportunity to
shut up.  But obviously their are some definite limits with that person, and
that same person apparently doesn't know her limitations, and even Clint
Eastwood knows "a man's gotta know his limitations."  In this case a woman.


I think you all know perhaps why other people aren't letting their kids stay
there too now.  I don't think you all are the first to experience this, but
you all are the current recipients.  


I am also guessing that Amanda remaining calm and just being factual
probably drives them nuts.  Good for here, the more she can do just exactly
that the better.  Being calm and factual that is.  



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Hi Heaver the Cleaver and Bethie the Pepperoni. Dictate what we do with
Little Man. We have constantly told them what is topics that are to be
avoided, not necessarily by our rules, but by the court rules. We have had
our authority undermined on numerous occasions, we have been belittled,
berated, insulted, made to feel like we have to explain ever move we make.
The fil is asailor mouth no matter who is around. The mil asked if he could
spend the night on Saturday. We told them he had lost that privilege due to
behavior problems at school. This is not only for them, but my parents, and
his great grandmother which is there and steps in whenever Amanda is not
able to take him to appointments. We have not put him on total shut down and
we plan to take him to the circus on Saturday. However, spending the night
is a privilege and a privilege that only comes when you know that you can be
trusted to act right and us having to schedule a special parent/teacher
conference is not showing that. After Amanda sent that message that he would
have to earn the privilege back the mil said you will speak to your father
tomorrow. Amanda said that sounded confrontational through text. We never
said that they cannot see him or that we could not bring him over to visit.
So, the mil responds with oh so you can take him to the circus, but not let
him spend the night? Trying to have dinner with Little Man and me her father
starts blowing up her cell, he then calls my cell and on both phones leaves
messages berating and belittling. We were told how we are not making the
right decisions expletives and then the f bomb with a you at the end of the
messages on both of our phones. Come to find out I am a chicken s*** *LOL*.
Well, after all this and we get Little Man in bed Amanda sent a text laying
it all out on the table and letting them know htat they may want to do some
self examining before they think they are going to disrupt our family like
that. They threw stuff up in Amanda's face that wasn't even relevant, things
that parents are suppose to do for their kids. Amanda was polite, but
factural in her response and her response seems like it would be pretty
damaging when it comes to visits with Little Man since it talks about
excessive alcohol and how he says he wouldn't hurt anyone, but she wasn't
exactly feeling all giddy inside.on their end. We were told today, not in
regards to this, but in regards to other issues that our word when talking
about him is the law. We were told this by our social worker since the case
is now closed. Amanda went on to tell them in the e-mail that we do not have
to justify ourselves or our decisions to anyone nor will we unless required.
We never received a response, probably because Amanda brought up an issue
that happened a few years ago that we were just biting our tongues on with
the mil drawing the line in the sand of who is family and who is not family.
The mil is actually a step parent. Her father passed a way a few years ago
and we were there to pay our respects, we started t go in and we were told
by the step parent that we could not go in because the family was in their
grieving, pretty clear line if you ask me. We aren't family when it is
convenient and not family when convenient. We either are family or we are
not family. So, that was brought out in the text message and after the
extremely long text message was sent to the mil's phone, we also sent it to
the fil's e-mail so that way the mil couldn't just erase it and hide it from
her husband. If they re going to throw punches then we will throw, but it
isn't going to be pretty. They haven't responded anymore. I imagine that it
is still going on, just behind the scenes at this point. That is ok though
because we have not slandered or defamed in anyway only told the facts. It
is a mess, they didn't step up and try for custody because they say it would
be the end of their marriage. They have other grandkids, but only this one
are they trying so hard to get to spend the night and that in itself
concerns me as to what they are planning because they have never respected
the fact that the courts have clearly said that the mother is not a topic of
conversation, until it is handled in therapy. I have since blocked my fil
from calling my phones because according to him "I am not in my right mind".
Self examining, but and maybe we can get to the bottom of who is not in
their right mind. Oh well, family is family and if it is meant to be worked
out then it will work out in time, otherwise they will miss out.          


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Dictate what?    Hi from Bethie and I.  We're sitting together and she is
playing on my computer and I'm playing games on my phone...ah, family
time!!! lol

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Grrrr! Angry! In-laws trying to dictate.


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