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Well, the 5 c is basically the iPhone 5 they just threw the c on there because 
you can get it in different colors. I heard rumor on my FB that Apple may be 
coming out with a smaller iPhone 6 next year, but I do not know how reliable 
the source is nor where they got their information so take it with a grain of 
salt. Although the fingerprint i.d. isn’t much to some people the 5c does not 
have this security measure whereas the 6 does have this feature. If you can get 
the 6 then I would get the 6 so that way you are not coming out of the gate 
behind and will have more updates before you start noticing the sluggishness. I 
jumped on the iPhone 5c because it was one hundred dollars cheaper than the 5S, 
I jumped on it because it came out at the same time and from what I could tell 
it was a pretty good phone. I should have compared the 5 and the 5c before 
makinga decision though because I would have went with the 5s. If you are 
unable to get the 6 then my next option would be the 5s and then and only if I 
was unable to get the 5s would I get the 5c. I never had the 3gs so I would say 
even the 5c as long as you don’t want to update to the newere versions would be 
faster than what you are getting now if you have updated to the latest vrsion 
with the 3gs.  


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Glad you gave the comparison to the 5 C, because I am getting into the market 
for an I-phone too.  So have been pricing them, was leaning toward getting the 
64 one though not the 128.  I really don’t store a lot on my phone, I’ve never 
gotten my 3 GS full yet even.  Have plenty of apps, but that’s about it.  


Was considering getting a 5 S at first but may as well go for a middle grade 6 
for not a whole lot more.  Since once I bring it in I will have to be stuck 
with my decision for 2 years anyway.  It’s pretty bad though that my phone will 
cost less than the desktop computer I bought last year though *lol*.  And that 
isn’t a chump machine either.  It’s not as portable as a phone though, would be 
awkward carrying it around on my belt.  

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Hey Devon did you get your iPhone 6? How do you like it? My wife and I upgraded 
to the iPhone 6 just the other day. We got the one that is basically a gun 
metal color, dark charcoal almost looking grey, and 128 GB. We are ona lease 
program with our carrier. It is much faster than the iPhone 5C. After the last 
couple of updates I noticed the 5C’s starting to slow down a bit and get 
sluggish when trying to perform a few things plus we had only 16 GB of memory 
and the phone serves as our family camera and video camera so the memory fills 
up quick on the 16 GB.   


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Indeed! And may my incomming iPhone 6 be better than the iPod 5.

On 12/24/2014 11:17 AM, Heather H wrote:

I second this!!!  May all of you have a safe, blessed, and joyous holiday.  May 
2015 be better than 2014!!!! 

Sent from my iPhone

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Wishing each of you a time of joy and wonderful memories this holiday season...




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Hello Audio Pals,

I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Merry Christmas this year. The 
festivities for us begin tomorrow morning with a breakfast at Cracker Barrel 
and then a gathering at my dad and mom’s. Tomorrow afternoon we will be heading 
over to Amanda’s dad and step-mom’s house for a Christmas gathering there. Then 
of course we will get home in time for Little Man to get in bed and wait 
anxiously for Santa’s arrival. After opening up presents here when Santa comes 
we will hit the road to head to Kentucky. Take care.  




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