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By the time it is over I may not need the degree. I may just need to make a 
movie *LOL*. I am sure it will make tons because no one could believe the 
things I have had to fight for since starting school *LOL*. If it isn’t the 
professors then it is VR if it isn’t VR then it is transportation. Makes me a 
little nervous to ask the next logical question *LOL*. In fact I will not ask 
the next question, I will just wait and see. I almost feel like I am preparing 
for battle or a court case every semester. This girl thatdecided to jump down 
my throat hasn’t even been on the job for a week. I did not see it coming, but 
I did have a heads up yesterday. I find it funny how things work out sometimes. 
Yesterday on the way home, Kenny the guy that picked me up was talking about 
the new dispatchers. He said one of the new girls is really nice and then the 
other one is a beast more or less. Well, guess who I got to talk to *LOL*. I 
did not think anything of it, but obviously it is in the back of your head when 
you find out something about someone you will be dealing with on a routine 
basis. I could sense the hostility in her voice the minute she found out it was 
me on the other end of the line. The driver was telling me because he was 
talking about the third guy that always causes trouble. He said she would put a 
stop to it, well I think she may approach me a little differently in the future 
too. Time will tell. However, if for some reason she does not I did a little 
research and tracked down the individual that the one driver had mentioned a 
long time ago. I have her email saved for quick access if I need it. I found 
out she is the Executive Director over Transportation. Just trying to stay one 
step ahead of the game *LOL*. Have Mel give me a call and we will talk movie 
*LOL*. Hmmm, who would I get to play me. That is a tough question *LOL*. George 
Lopez… no wait James Roday would be a great character to play my part *LOL*. I 
would probably get Respucia from Norbit to play the dispatcher *LOL*. She was 
starting to sound a lot like Respucia today *LOL*. 


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Josh, I am beginning to think that Mel Gibson was right and that there is, 
indeed, a vast "Conspiracy Theory" going on with you and this school!  Wow...



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Well… let me see where do I start. Well, let’s start a few weeks ago. A few 
weeks ago the regular bus dispatchers retired. First one of them went and 
retired which was fine because the other one knew my schedule pretty much by 
heart as well. I had already gotten the hateful one broke in and this is the 
one that retired first so that was fine. Well, then the second one, the nice 
one, decided to retire. I was not happy about this at all because this only 
left one that has been there a while and he causes problems everytime you turn 
around. Well, they have now hired two new dispatchers to take the two that 
retired’s position. We are getting there just stick with me. I promise *LOL*. 
So, as I was riding home yesterday afternoon from school I hada new bus driver. 
I found out he was just filling in for a regular driver and being the 
inquisitive person that I am. Not really, I just thought I may need it for 
later reference *LOL*. I got the person he was filling in for their name and I 
introduced myself to the current driver which made him tell me his name. Well, 
about an hour after I get home I get a phone call from the guy that has been 
there a while asking me if I am not going home today by bus. I also hear one of 
the other drivers, Liz, hollering on the radio about me not being there. No, 
duh, I am sitting on my couch because the other driver already brought me home. 
So, the problematic dispatcher went ahead and verified the rest of my schedule 
which was right. He doesn’t say much to me on the phone because he already 
knows I record all of my phone calls with them due to past errors they have 
made. So, now this brings us to the phone call.

   I called to schedule bus trips for next week. We are going through the 
schedule setting up my trips. I can already since a bit of hostility in her 
voice as I am scheduling. She said tell me your information in a gruff and firm 
voice. I say tell me what you need in a gruff and firm voice *LOL*. So, then we 
get to Wednesday of next week. She blows up at me saying now are you sure you 
really need to go that day because I scheduled it last week and you were not 
there. I said wait a minute. She said so do you need this trip because this 
phone call is recorded. I said well it just so happens my phone calls are 
recorded too. I said I did go yesterday and told her Kenny who was driving for 
Kathy brought me home. I said furthermore I talked to Steven and I heard Liz 
hollering about me not being there and I said that is because I had already 
been brought home. I said pull up your records and you will see that you put me 
on two different manifest last week. I said if you all have a problem you all 
need to get that worked out because my information is right. I went on to ask 
her if she needed me to pull the recorded message of me scheduling buses last 
week I could do that. She decided she would be nice after that. Like I told her 
before she goes and jumps someone she needs to make sure her information is 
right. She tried to downplay it after that. It is amazing the change you hear 
in their voice when someone finds out you are recording them *LOL*. I started 
to tell them they needed to go and talk to Dawn. I recently in a conversation 
with another bus driver found out the supervisor they always refer complaints 
to is not the one to be talking to because all she does is dismisses it, but if 
it gets downtown then there will be some changes taking place.  


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