[audio-pals] Re: I'm new.

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  • Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 23:02:28 -0400

What about:

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  Okay, that’s cool.  Yes it used to do the same with our old mac.  But if 
sendspace works for you that is cool because I include those links when I warn 
the list that there’s something in the group box.  Also for people who can only 
use dropbox I copy out and put their stuff on SS too so that sendspace users 
don’t miss out.  I usually leave links as the pro links for the group since the 
group isn’t that large then sendspace people don’t have to deal with ads if 
they use the web.  I know free users of sendspace have to deal with their ads 
and those ads can bee buggy, as in triggering people’s antivirus software 
sometimes.  But since a fair amount of the group use dropbox instead that keeps 
the bandwidth count down some on a pro link.  

  On Apr 23, 2014, at 8:30 PM, Anita <silky775@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    i don't particularly care for DropBox, due to the fact it seems to use up a 
lot of CPU usage. SendSpace is OK though, or if you wanna send a link for 
Dropbox, i'll download the file there, but am not putting the program on my 
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      Pen-pal and chat.  Not a match list though.  Think attachments are turned 
on.  Although if you are going to do audio you probably won’t get to carry much 
of a file through via attachment, most e-mail carriers limit file size, so you 
may wish to use a file storage/sharing service such as sendspace or dropbox.  

      Also for you new members, we do have a group box in dropbox, if you wish 
to be added just let me know and I will add your address, then dropbox will 
send you the invite.  Any letters I do I usually use both dropbox and sendspace 
because some members can seem to use one but not the other effectively.  

      The only file share I might lean against using is media fire because it 
limits the amount of people who can download the file, and our group already 
out numbers their usual limit.  

      Welcome to our list, there is a lot of chat on the e-mail side of things, 
but any clean topic you want to bring up whether serious or silly, go ahead.  

      We just moved over to free lists so I am still learning what I can do 
here with the group, we had had a quick stay over at emissives.com, and before 
had been in the yahoo groups system for about 7years.  So lately have been a 
little nomadic.  

      On Apr 23, 2014, at 5:57 PM, Anita <silky775@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Hi List,
            I just joined this list. Thought this was a list for meeting pen 
pals or something more than that? Are attachments permitted?

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