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  • From: Thomas McMahan <shadowmonstrosity@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 17:38:06 -0500

Oh it definitely wasn’t one hour, I can guarantee that *lol*.  Wasn’t sure 
about it’s limits for sending so kept it fairly short when I tried it.  Now if 
it were the Olympus, well it can go as long as the batteries go, with a 16 gig 
card, I don’t even think I cold fill it up with my wind *lol*.  I’ve taken it 
to baseball game before, recording all the way and back home and it still 
didn’t run out.  Unfortunately though that file got lost when it was on an 
external drive which didn’t eject properly and all stuff in it was lost.  Most 
I could recover from elsewhere, but there were a few files that couldn’t be 

Well will get to try it again this next weekend, going to a Cubs game.  That 
will be a long day too because we are driving only part of the way then we 
train into the city then RTA to the park and there is a line change I think in 
the RTA system too.  But it should be an interesting day I think.  If BCT were 
going, I would edit it down into a podcast perhaps.  Well perhaps I will one 
day anyway.  Would have a lot of different things, a ball game, trains and 
Chicago in general.  Especially coming from our environment and contrast to 
Chicago it would be rather interesting I think.  

Well if someone else did a podcast like  that I would probably download it and 
listen to it.  But I liked those kinds of podcasts because they were at places 
that I will probably never get to go to.  It’s neat hearing the sounds of 
different cities and what they have and how things work, or don’t work.  
On Aug 17, 2014, at 6:21 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It may depend on the size of the file as well. I noticed when reading that if 
> the file is larger than I believe 1 hour and you e-mail it then it will 
> automatically cut the file down to 1 hour clips from what I understand.   
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> Yep Mine would log in, can’t remember if it had a start upload dialog that 
> showed up or not.  Have slept since I tried it.  But I’m sure at some point I 
> will try it again.  
> I knew my dropbox was okay though because I could see my usual folders in 
> there on the phone.  Obviously I don’t use the dropbox on my phone very much 
> *lol*.  But to get to the dropbox had to do the same things you did too.  
> On Aug 16, 2014, at 9:28 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Tom,
>    I remember you saying something about not getting the audio clip to upload 
> to Dropbox. I tried uploading to Dropbox today using the app and it worked. I 
> had to go to my library within the app. I had to select the recording by 
> double clicking on the app and then going down to play it. Once it played a 
> little bit I stopped the recording. Next I went up to the left corner and 
> found the share button. Inside this menu you have an e-mail option some 
> import and export options and open in is where you find the Dropbox option. I 
> clicked on it first to get logged in and then I clicked on it again to start 
> the upload. If it ask I choe to export. I then went to my Dropbox account on 
> the computer and found the files at the bottom of the application. They will 
> not be in a folder, just as you open the Dropbox application you will find 
> them in a row at the bottom. I did notice that on my phone they are m4a, but 
> when they are uploaded to Dropbox they are changed into WAV files.

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