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Exactly. If he had just put his hands up in the first place, we wouldn't have this up roar. But he chose to go for the officer's gun, so therefore he had to suffer the consequences.

On 12/15/2014 7:21 AM, Josh wrote:

I agree, I like what the protestors have to say and if they had started protesting prior to Michael Brown’s death he may have still been a live today. There theme of their whole protest around here are “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”. If Michael Brown had put his hands up then Ferguson wouldn’t be going through everything they are going through right now. There is an old saying around here that goes something like this “If you mess with the bull, you are going to get his horns”.

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Personally, I think that Michael Brown was in the wrong. The police officer was defending himself. Why can't some people get that through their heads? Is fighting and protesting really gonna solve anything?

On 12/13/2014 10:10 PM, Thomas McMahan wrote:

    I remember when Lou Henson left Illinois or retired out some of
    them were hoping that the Illini would hire Bruce Pearl on, well
    they didn’t glad they didn’t.  They were already in trouble, he
    would have probably gotten them in more trouble.

        On Dec 13, 2014, at 8:33 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx
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        Oh yeah the NCAA has to be who you know. Take a look at Lane
        Kieffan, he leaves and who suffers. I belive the same was true
        with Bruce Pearl and the basketball program. Even after Bruce
        was penalized from coaching, I think UT suffered penalties. Of
        course there are going to be some reprocussions on the program
        just because the coach is connected, but in a way I think our
        teams suffered more than the coaches. Probably just a biased
        opinion, but ya know.

        Penn State incident is a pathetic joke. There is no way that
        it could have went on that long and the situations continued
        without someone speaking up about it.

        The whole concept of innocent until proven guilty does not
        apply anymore. The concept is now guilty until you prove
        yourself innocent. Even if the Criminal Justice System sees
        you as innocent until proven guilty, the rest of the public
        are ready to hang you before they even hear the evidence. A
        clear example of this occurred the other day in class. After
        the Grand Jury came back with a not guilty verdict in Ferguson
        my professor asked the classs what they thought about the
        incident. The responses were well they knew if they found him
        not guilty they were going to have a riot, they should have
        just found him guilty to keep the rioting from occurring, he
        was wrong for shooting Michael Brown, etc. However, not one
        person made a comment regarding the evidence in the case. If
        you do not follow the directions of the police expect to be
        met with reprocussions. If you try to get the officers gun
        expect to get shot because I can guarantee that if all these
        sideline judges were put in this same situation they would
        want to go home to their family as well and not sit idly by
        and let some random citizen adolescent or adult take their gun
        to shoot them with it. It is insane the autopsy was done, and
        then if I am not mistaken Obuma was not satisfied with the
        results so he ordered another autopsy, and I think there were
        a few more autopsies done before they moved forward. How can
        you convict a person that was engaging in self defense?

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        Unfortunately it sounds like in some of

            On the sports media down there they are already convicted.
             Sounds like a convoluted case to me, but I’m sure a lot
            of them are anyway.

        Then the NCAA will probably want to threaten UT and the whole
        9 yards, yet Pen State gets off pretty easy.  There’s still a
        lot of idiots around there that think that school is blameless
        and inocent with what went on there.  Maybe UT should have set
        up in a much more isolated spot like Pen State did.  Of course
        I’m being a smart ass about that, but that is partially how
        Pen State has gotten away with a lot more for much longer.  A
        definite little theefdom there.  Meanwhile schools like OSU
        get nailed for a lot less and get threatened with the chop.
         Makes Illinois’s recruiting violation back in the early 90s
        look like chump change too, yet they were threatened with full
        shut down of all sports activity.  I guess it’s who you know
        in the NCAA.  Which seems to me to be as clean as the driven
        slush.  I guess in the whole UT situation it was the school
        that stepped in and sat them down, but don’t know all of the
        details of the whole deal.  Guess we’ll hear something though
        if they decide to pursue a case on them.

        Dec 13, 2014, at 7:54 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx
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        Very true. Right now UT is in the hot seat regarding rape
        allegations against two of the football players. I just read
        today that one of the girl’s boyfriends is on the football
        team as well. I read on that the boyfriend caught her, and the
        girl is on the rowing team. So, there are more elements to the
        story, but KPD announced last night that there investigation
        was complete and being sent to the D.A.’s office to see if
        charges will be pursued. It is a tragic situation either way
        because if they are guilty then they have not only ruined
        their careers, but also ruined the victims lives. If they are
        not guilty, then I would say there will not be a decision
        until after the bowl game which will prevent them from playing
        in the game. Not too mention that if they are found not guilty
        there will still be people holding it against them. So, either
        way it is a major black mark on these players.

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        But a QB who knows how to tuck and run is often not noticed
        until he’s gotten 10 yards down the field if he can pull off
        the fake.  If they then concentrate to much attention looking
        for him to run then he then is able to either use a running
        back or tail back or pass.  Thats why option offense is harder
        to defend.  You have to have a QB that can take some
        punishment though, no frail guys as QB, or guys who can’t work
        outside of a pocket of protection.  For those it’s a disaster
        for them to try to run the ball themselves.  Does though is in
        pretty good shape physically.  He’s taken sacks pretty well
        already this year too.  There have been a few reckless plays,
        but learning from them will cure those.  But that whole
        offense well really the whole team is having to learn because
        there’s so many freshman on that team this year.  They are
        already coming together as a unit pretty good, could be quite
        interesting even in a couple of years, let alone 3 years from

            On Dec 10, 2014, at 8:44 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx
            <mailto:lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

            I would say the QB also then becomes a target for the rest
            of the teams to take out. So, he needs to be careful or he
            will be a true red shirt.

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            He did play in the Bamma game, but he wasn’t the starter I
            don’t think.  I think they would have at least taken
            Florida though, and maybe Georgia, and that would have
            changed things a lot for U T.  Dobs fits in to the type of
            offense that Butch Jones likes to run which of course is
            an option heavy offense.  No problem with that, because
            your QB becomes a direct offensive weapon at that point.
             It is either going to work or not.  There isn’t a middle
            ground, usually it works though.

                On Dec 9, 2014, at 2:29 PM, Josh
                <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>>

                It does sound like interesting things are happening. I
                have a feeling that if Josh Dobbs was in at the first
                of the year the florida game and the Georgia game
                would have looked much different. I cannot remember if
                Dobbs played during the Alabama game or not, but I
                know all their games were close calls this past season.

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                Even more surprising is that Illinois managed to get
                in also.  Won just enough games in Big 10 this year.
                 It’s been a long time.

                Interesting baseball trades going on today too.  Sox
                are definitely getting aggressive about trading.
                 Picked up a closer something that they didn’t have
                last year because the guy they wanted to be closer was
                hurt early.  Then they turn around and pick up Semarja
                to beef up their starting rotation.  Cubs have already
                been dealing, they don’t have many secrets as to who
                they are wanting, although the Lester deal hasn’t
                happened yet.  But if they pick him up that will
                anchor their starting rotation quite a bit too.

                As for TN, I still say thats a team to be watching out
                for.  The SEC east isn’t a super strong devision, it
                can be taken and not have to get around a team like
                Alabama.Depends on recruiting but they’ve already
                improved over last year’s team despite injuries etc.
                 They don’t give up, unlike the Chicago Bears who seeo
                just curl up in a ball.

                Illini basketball is looking pretty interesting this
                year too and they’ve already landed a major recruit to
                start next year.  Lots of things on the sports plate,
                something that is needed since Da Bears are so bad
                this year.

                    On Dec 9, 2014, at 8:38 AM, Josh
                    <mailto:lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

                    Well, we managed to get into a bowl game this
                    year. Butch just got a pay raise and a contract

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                    Yep, keep an eye on those Vols, they are going to
                    be heard in the next year tr two seriously the way
                    things are going.  They’ve had a lot of injuries,
                    but still manage to keep on going to some degree.

                    Yes the style of offense they play actually fits
                    Dobs better than the guy they had start the year,
                    Dobs himself becomes a weapon because he can take
                    more punishment running the ball himself.  Even in
                    the Bama game they did’t give up even though Bama
                    got a two score lead within the first couple of
                    minutes of the game.

                    Yes this whole internet thing is a great
                    invention, have listened to more Tennessee games
                    this year than Illinois games, although I did hear
                    the Illini Gofers game and like everybody else was
                    surprised they actually pulled that one off.  I
                    bet the Gofers were surprised the most coming in
                    with only 1 Big 10 loss at the time.  Think they
                    looked over the Illini and got burned on that one.
                     Well it serves them right they derailed the
                    Illini a number of times in the past.

                        On Nov 18, 2014, at 6:58 PM, Josh
                        <mailto:lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

                        I can’t comment on NFL, but I am proud of what
                        I have seen out of the Vols this year. It
                        hasn’t been a stellar season, but the games we
                        have played haven’t been blow outs either. In
                        fact I heard yesterday I guess it was one more
                        win for the Vols and we will be going to a
                        bowl game. I wish they had of put Josh Dobbs
                        in earlier in the season rather than
                        redshirting him  as it may have caused more
                        upsets especially with Muschimp and those
                        Gators. Sorry for the hi-jack, but I am known
                        for hijacking post. Right? *LOL*

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                        The Bears have done a lot of that loosing this
                        year especially to teams that logically would
                        be worse than them.  Up until yesterday even
                        playing at home wasn’t helping them out.  But
                        the NFL this year is completely goofy anyway.

                            On Nov 17, 2014, at 10:25 AM, BethAnn
                            LaPresta (Redacted sender
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                            Hi everyone. Nothing exciting on this end,
                            just working and trying to do some
                            projects around the house for the
                            appraisal...trying to refinance and get
                            some cash out of the house to pay for it
                            all.   LOL

                            My oldest turned 29 on Friday and
                            apparently ate the entire jello cake
                            yesterday (with the exception of 3 pieces
                            I made him share with his
                            friends/brother). The Seattle Seahawks
                            lost, so I left right after that to avoid
                            the inevitable "crabby" that would be
                            expressed about the loss.

                            Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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                            Hello, Josh and Tom.  Everything is okay
                            here in snowy Ohio.  The snow is coming
                            down here and I am looking forward to
                            going out and playing in it with Selah.
                             well, she will play...I wouldn't do
                            anything so childish as that...lol

                            Hope everyone who celebraates it, has a
                            wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  No
                            turkey here of course...can't trust it.
                             chicken and dumplings here for us.  The
                            store killed chicken little for this dish
                            not me!!!!

                            Hugs to you Bethie!!!!!  Happy birthday to
                            my oldest nephew who just turned 29.  OMG,
                            I'm old.  Who let them grow up?

                            Sent from my iPhone

                            On Nov 16, 2014, at 11:56 PM, Thomas
                            McMahan <shadowmonstrosity@xxxxxxx
                            <mailto:shadowmonstrosity@xxxxxxx>> wrote:

                            Nope you’re still in the list and so
                            should everybody else bee, it’s just been
                            dead quiet lately.

                            Heather probably has the bus running again
                            and she and George and Pete and who knows
                            who else are probably driving around and
                            stopping at Wal-marts in Canada again
                            trying to get Liz’s attention.  But I’m
                            not sure they are going to get Liz’s
                            attention *lol*.

                            Got an e-mail from Suzi off list so know
                            she’s alive too.  BethAnn might be doing
                            another batch of sessions of closet rap
                            for her next album release or something,
                            or she’s waiting to sell you a house Josh.
                             It might be “the perfect place.”  Or
                            maybe not depends on who’s standard of
                            perfection is being used perhaps.

                            Don’t know about Don.  Danny though is
                            alive and well, eating lots and lots of
                            cream corn, well probably every meal he
                            eats is cream corn, because he doesn’t
                            like it so he has been placed into the
                            cream corn factor.

                            Patti continues to improve bit by bit,
                            gets a little more talkative over time at
                            times.  She has a couple of appointments
                            coming in December, one is physical, the
                            other is the Neurologist.  But I’m
                            thinking generally things will be going in
                            the right direction for her as afar as
                            they are concerned.

                                On Nov 16, 2014, at 10:20 PM, Josh
                                <mailto:lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


                                How is everyone doing? I have not seen
                                any post from the list in a few weeks
                                now. I am wondering if I have not
                                gotten myself booted somehow
                                unintentionally. I guess the last I
                                seen any post was Tom and I
                                interacting about the family issues.
                                The issues are not a hundred percent,
                                but I do feel that since Amanda stood
                                up and stood her ground we have gotten
                                more respect. Now, it seems as though
                                we are actualy people and not
                                servants. However, that could change
                                at any moment. Well, we have our
                                prequalification letter and have found
                                a few houses that we are interested
                                in. We have to call tomorrow and get a
                                real estate agent. Getting the prequal
                                was a bit ofa hassle though. Today
                                Amanda and I went and bought little
                                man some birthday presents and got his
                                location reserved. Sometime this week
                                we have to get the invitations
                                filled-out. Amanda and I are in the
                                home stretch of the semester and
                                everything seems to be going alright.
                                I am in one class where I will not
                                know if I passed or failed until the
                                final grade comes out since 50% of the
                                points aren’t going to be figured
                                until the end of the semester. Amanda
                                as far as I know is doing fine in her
                                classes, she has some projects that
                                she is working on, but I belive they
                                are going fine. So, as always we have
                                a ton of things going on, but little
                                time **LOL**. Have a good one and I
                                hope to be able to read some list
                                traffic here in a few days. Take care
                                and chat later.

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