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Hmmm, so, according to the survey you are 5 *LOL*. I had always speculated
this, but I did not want to say anything *LOL*. However, that dream car of
yours sounds quite nice.

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Amanda posted this on Facebook earlier today and tagged me in it. I was
supposed to comment on Facebook, but unfortunately copy and paste would not
work and I was only getting the first word transferred. This is too much to
type out. So, if you want to play just reply to this message and erase my
answers replacing the answers with your own.


Age: 5

Birthday: 11/07

Relationship status: Married

Biggest fear: Being buried alive.

Dream Job: One where I make lots of money and enjoy myself while doing the job

Dream Car: Half ton pickup with crew cab and tow package. ()

Dream House: Spacious ranch style house, with a good piece of land around it,
like quite a few acres, totally self sufficient and off the grid, in fact would
rather the grid pay me. Would like at least one room with fire place, and
another with wood stove, well, could just deal with wood stove in one place and
forget fire place if necessary, but one room would have one or the other.
Attached 2 car garage. One room that have a double layer entry to be an aviary
for the birds yet not be able for the cats to get into to easily, or the dogs
either for that matter. One direct exit that can go into a large fenced in
area for the dogs to run, out into which actually we have here, but it’s
something that I like. Well this could go on and on, but that is at least the



Like someone: Umm, like I’m going to say “no?” Silly question.

Love someone: I would hope so.

Have a tattoo: No.

Have a piercing: No

Party: Sure


Artist: Don't really have one. I like a lot of variety!

Movie: Don't have one

Song: Again- I like variety

TV series: Third Watch, Big Bang Theory, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, among

Animal: “yes.”

Book: true crime, Some si-fi books, various authors, don’t have any specific
favorite books though.

Color: Green.


Twitter or facebook: Facebook

Twitter or Instagram: Twitter.


Facebook or Instagram: Facebook

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Tacos or Pizza: Tacos.

Winter or summer: Summer if between those two.


Get married: I am

Have Kids: Wouldn’t bother me, but currently that isn’t likely to happen.

Swim with sharks: Not intentionally.

Share a banana: Not likely.

Eat rotten food: Not in immediate plans, would have to be pretty hungry to do

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