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  • Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 17:00:38 -0500

well, depends on how hard u get punched. :D

On 5/18/2015 3:25 PM, Josh wrote:

Hahahaha! If I got punched out I am not sure I would be late… instead I would not be there at all that day. I may even try to push it into a second day **LOL**.

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I had trouble also. The reason for being late that starts with P. I'm like well, I'm not sure. So I got punched out, I guess.

On 5/18/2015 12:09 PM, Thomas McMahan wrote:

There are a couple of other things to shout that are much more
obvious. Well here in the midwest they would be because people
don’t mind saying them and most people are used to hearing them,
ithey’re usually used when something is going wrong though *lol*.

Am having trouble with a couple of these, I have th misfortune of
having a last name starting with M. So it’s definitely limiting
for this game.

On May 18, 2015, at 7:47 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

Use the 1st letter OF YOUR LAST NAME to answer each of the
following questions.. They have to be real places, names,
things, Nothing made up. Use different answers than the person
in front of you.

1. What is your last name. - Smith

2. An Animal. - Siberian Husky

3. A Boy’s name. - Scott

4. A Girl’s name. - Sara

5. An occupation. - Sniper

6. A color. - Silver

7. Something you wear. - Shoes

8. A beverage. - Sprite

9. A food. - Soup

10. Something found in the bathroom. - Shampoo

11. A place. - Sams Club

12. A Reason for being late? - Storm

13. Something you shout. - Stupid!!!

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