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If you ethernet your computer for it’s internet it will just about always be 
faster.  Faster than a wireless connection to internet, because wireless 
connections are slower by nature.  So doesn’t hurt to invest in a few cat 5 
cables then when you want to do some major downloading or uploading you can 
patch into modem directly and off you go.  I just updated 8 apps the other day 
didn’t take but a couple or 3 minutes and had sendspace wizard going at same 
time uploading.  It would have taken a day if I had done it via phone in the 
app store.  

I would think somewhere there is someone doing an android accessibility podcast 
on a regular basis, but perhaps not.  The Applevis site and system really isn’t 
that old either, but again it’s working.  But then again perhaps it wouldn’t 
have happened without places such as Mac Visionaries list which has been around 
since 2005 and that became a central focal point for a couple of years, then 
groups like vi-phone group were formed up and then applevis and cool blind tech 
spun off of of Mac Visionaries.  It took a while too, and android is known to 
catch up pretty fast well in some respects it has.   
On Jul 10, 2014, at 12:42 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Something I wish existed as well for Android is a website such as Applvis.com 
> which is devoted to Apple. I learned a ton about my phone from the Applevis 
> podcast and really that is the part I wish they had for Android, the podcast. 
> So, far I have turned to Youtube for material such as this, but that is 
> mainstream and does not cover it from an accessibility standpoint. This 
> morning I receive an e-mail from windows secrets discussing antivirus 
> programs for the Android device so I forwarded that on over to them. I 
> believe they are going to find that they like the iPad a lot better than the 
> Android devices that they purchased. Well, one was free based on a point 
> system that their carrier uses. I probably will download via computer if it 
> proves to be much faster, but if it is slower or about the same then it will 
> just come down to which one is more convenient because I have unlimited 
> everything with my phone service except calls to landline phones and that is 
> set at 1500 minutes a month.     
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> Yep I-phones you get what you get out of the box, and the same with the 
> computer.  The fundamentals are the same.  Go next door and see how 
> accessible their pc is for you to use without bringing over a memory stick or 
> a dvd or cd with a program that will talk, but if your neighbor has a mac 
> just do command f5 and voice over comes up.  It was rather revolutionary 
> thinking on Apple’s part.  A quiet revolution, but it paid off within 2 years 
> of it happening with Voice Over being put on i-phones, again revolutionary.  
> Android I guess is nice for sighted people, but it can be dicey concerning 
> accessibility, it isn’t always that clear depending on certain variations 
> within a given phone and what it exactly has, and sometimes involves multiple 
> apps to get it working right, thus not built in natively whereas Mac OS and 
> I-OS have voice over built in natively, thus it’s more stable.  Again 
> revolutionary in their thinking.  I’m sure a lot of developers in 2005 
> weren’t happy about going to coco framework from carbon, but Apple basically 
> said that is the way it was going to be, and they could adapt or be left 
> behind.  They adapted for the most part.  
> Is Apple perfect?  No, but at least it is consistent for what it does, and 
> works out of the box, also has the bells and whistles that a lot of people 
> like, well in the phone world at least.  
> Android is Linux based, of course there are some advantages, but the 
> disadvantages are that like it’s parent source it is apt to variate, and the 
> linux world is very full of variations.  One distro of linux may be fairly 
> easy to make accessible, yet another may not be accessible at all with no 
> development yet to make it accessible even now.  
> So guess it just comes to picking your garden and what you like in taste for 
> your garden.  All of them are gardens, even linux to a small degree even 
> though it looks more like a wilderness, you have to work at accessibility, 
> and or finding it, and well, you get what you pay for, and since Linux is 
> free, sometimes you get exactly that.  Lots of chiefs and not many indians 
> because the indians don’t want to spend a lot of time learning something, 
> they want to point and click and go.  Most people that you meet and talk to 
> about Linux have little idea what is available, if they even know what Linux 
> itself is.  But they all know about Windows OS and Mac OS.  They may have 
> strong opinions either way, but they know something about them to some 
> degree.  Mention Linux and they think you are wanting to talk about furnaces 
> *lol*.  
> As for sinking, it uses the cloud for some things, but i-tunes for things 
> like apps.  I would recommend downloading apps via your computer, and not the 
> phone itself, it is faster using computer on preferably ethernet, then just 
> hook up phone and sink via i-tunes.  Doesn’t use your carrier limits that way 
> too.  But with reminders app you can send to either device.  I’ve done 
> reminders on phone and had it send to computer when it was due and the other 
> way around.  So I’m sure with Calendar you can basically do the same thing.  
> It is in the process of becoming scemeless between Apple devices, and it 
> sounds like when the next major OS and I-OS come out it is going to be even 
> more integrated.  That is the talk from Apple when they let it out that they 
> were going to do I-OS 8 and whatever their next major OS update comes out.  
> We just had a minor update for computers with OS, but that was Safari and 
> security updates, not a lot really.  But it wasn’t to far apart from the last 
> I-OS update.  Usually the phones update first.  
> Back to the gardens of operating systems, I know of no one who has made any 
> form of BSD accessible yet.  Linux is a small amount of users as a whole, but 
> it is large compared to the population using BSD.  BSD is very secure though, 
> but, well, not usable for the blind yet in any way.  Theoretically people 
> think Orca could be ported into BSD but I know of no one who has tried that 
> yet.  Only know one person who has experimented with BSD, and that person can 
> no longer see well enough to use it now.  
> On Jul 10, 2014, at 3:08 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yeah. The guy that I corresponded with he was extremely nice so I suspect 
> that I will learn a lot from the list. Sounds good learning it together. I 
> like the calendar app on the iPhone and I am sure that it will sync up or at 
> least I hope it will anyways. I’ve been trying to learn a little about the 
> Android plat form on the phones as well being that my dad and mom just took 
> the leap into the smart phone world. So, I am in the process of subscribing 
> to a list regarding Android as well. One thing it seems as though I am 
> learning up front is each phone is different as far as lay-out whereas the 
> iPhone just has a universal lay-out out of the box these phones according to 
> the internet may have different icons dpending on the carrier and the various 
> task that need to be completed may be located in various places as well.
>   I hope that one day Apple will give us an SD slot so we can add more 
> memory, but I do not look for that to happen anytime soon unless the Android 
> catches up to them and gives them more competition. Additionally, it is nice 
> to dream of one day when the iPhone will have a removable battery.
>    I did learn that there is a pinhole on the side of the iPhone while 
> visiting with my cousin from the Philippines yesterday. The pinhole according 
> to her is for the placement of a sim card. I had a nice long visit with my 
> cousin and her two kids yesterday. We had plan to go swimming, but when we 
> got to the pool it was closed for repairs. So, instead of swimming we went 
> bowling. After a couple of games of bowling we finished out the evening at 
> the Cracker Barrel.   
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> Don’t worry, when I wanted to subscribe under different address I had to go 
> through the same questioning.  I just explained who I am and they figured it 
> out and got me in then.  So it’s a matter of who is around and paying 
> attention or not.  
> But when you have questions people there will help you if you don’t ask them 
> here too.
> Also Micro Soft’s office suite is basically inaccessible with voice over, a 
> person I was talking to confirmed that for me today, it is quite common with 
> Micro Soft products though, but you could try Open Office, and it’s price is 
> a big wapping FREE!  Perhaps that can help you with some of the stuff you do. 
>  The most inaccessible part of office stuff in the Mac world though is doing 
> spreadsheet.  There is an app called Tables that some people are are using, 
> but you can of course ask questions on the Mac Visionaries list of course.  
> Since I don’t do that sort of stuff I probably can’t help you much.  I always 
> kept my business on paper and in my head.  I am thinking about sitting down 
> and learning the calendar stuff though, it might be handy for remembering 
> long term stuff.  I wouldn’t likely forget when property taxes are due for 
> example, can be in the ball park for that kind of stuff, but say to remember 
> Rascal’s vaccinations or something like that it could be handy.  I use that 
> example because I forgot until almost to late to schedule those and of course 
> his registration with the County.  They just have to have that 12 Dollars to 
> send me a cheap flimsy tag to remind me that he has had his rabies shot 
> *lol*.  Well he will get the 3 year shot, he’s young enough to gamble on that 
> so we won’t hear from the County for 3 years concerning him.  But little 
> things like that when a little card comes in the mail 2 or three months in 
> advance would be handy to input it into the system and get a reminder.  The 
> memory isn’t 100% apparently anymore.  I don’t like that, but perhaps it’s 
> about time for it to start losing some of it’s edge, although I view that as 
> a weakness in myself because my memory has always been a pretty good one, 
> especially for anything that is long term.  
> So perhaps some of this stuff we’ll learn together.  
> Oh also, if you bring up either Mission Control, or dashboard accidentally, 
> just hit the escape key.  Also VO keys m twice in quick succession brings up 
> your “menu Extras, which is where your notifications are, also your dropbox 
> status is there which is handy to have if you are uploading something.  
> Also VO shift M brings up context menu, or hold down control key and num pad 
> five can do the same thing.  Many things in the mac world have two or three 
> ways to accomplish the same purpose.  There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts 
> you can use to get around, as I mentioned before, I rarely use the physical 
> mouse, I leave that for sighted people to use.  
> On Jul 10, 2014, at 12:54 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, I had to be a little persistent, but I am now on MacVisionaries. As of 
> right now I have it going into the same Apple folder as my other group. The 
> last time I applied to join I left out the reason by accident, but that 
> accient is why I am now in I do believe because I received an e-mail from 
> what I believe to be the owner or at least one of the mods requesting my 
> reason for wanting to join the group because it did not show up with my 
> application. I gave them the reason and explained that I have been tring 
> since 2013 and within about an hour I was in. It is definitely a high traffic 
> group.
>     Today has been a pretty good day with the exception of some behavior 
> problems… I guess I will eventually train Amanda. No, just kidding *LOL*. We 
> received the last portion of our settlement today so that is all said and 
> done as well as the Medicare letter showing that we do not owe them anything. 

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