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Hi Josh, finally got the refinance done. They dropped the ball so much it 
could've been an NBA game! But it's done and that is good. Netflix just added 
Season 8 of Psych, so you can binge watch all of them now...lol

On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 7:01 PM PST Josh wrote:

>I hope everyone is doing well. The list seems to be very quiet. How is the
>refinance coming along Bethann? I am still in the middle of watching Psych
>episodes. It is more or less becoming an obsession *LOL*. Heather, is Selah
>keeping you in line or are you and her both getting into trouble? Stacey, I
>haven't heard anymore audio letters coming from you, are you doing alright?
>I still haven't forgotten about the suggestion of "Sex Tape". It may come in
>handy for writing papers this semester since I am taking a "Human Sexuality"
>class. Liz, I believe it was you that posted about Target stores closing in
>Canada on Facebook. How is this effecting Canada? I did not get to read any
>on it and was wondering what the reason was behind it. Tom and Pat I hope
>you all are doing well and staying warm there in Illinois. Ray, do you have
>anymore to report on politically? Obummer was here in Tennessee I guess last
>week and stole our governor's plan of giving college to Tennesseans. Instead
>of it being Tennessee's Promise, it became America's Promise. I do not like
>the idea of giving everyone a free 2-year college tuition. I may seem like a
>buzzard, but in my opinion if everyone has a 2-year degree from a community
>college it carries no more weight than a high school diploma. Diversity is
>in this country for a reason. Jamie I hope you are keeping things under
>control and not getting too wild with the dance music. Suzi, How is
>everything in Austrailia.
>     Man, I hate my Criminology class. I guess to put it better I very much
>so dislike the instructor in my Criminology class. She isa graduate student
>that has a bachelor's in English and is now working on her Masters in
>Criminology. I have only had the class maybe 5 times, but in every class she
>has managed to inform the class how much she hates the police and how much
>she loves drugs and alcohol. She is full of herself. In our last class she
>informed us that she is co-editor of a blog that operates under the hashtag
>of Crimin While White. No one knew what this meant. Obviously, we all have
>some desire to learn about the police and law. One guy in the class is head
>of security at a Target store, another one is wanting to work in Immigration
>and just about everyone has some kind of career plan that involves this. So,
>we all learned that "Crimin While White" involves white people committing
>crime and getting away with it simply because they are white. She claims
>that she was at a party partaking in the hooch (alcoholic punch that has
>fruit in it) that was there and then her friend and her decided she would
>drive home from the party. She said she was plastered and her friend was
>even more inebriated. She is driving and she tells her friend to hold on
>because they were going to hit a bump and go airborn. They did hit the bump
>and they did go airborn. The police officer that stopped her for this just
>happened to be in the right place at the right time. Unfortunately, he did
>not do the right thing as this may have prevented her from being my
>instructor. Instead she said he let her go because she was "cute". I havea
>feeling I am going to struggle in this class because she and I do not see
>eye-to-eye on many topics and she is very subjectivei n the classroom rather
>than being objective so I can just imagine how her grading is going to be.
>My other classes seem to be going ok.
>     So, now for the subject line material. I have started exploring the
>area of Android a little to broaden my options. I just recently purchased an
>Android Tablet. It is taking some getting use to with the typing becase this
>Android device you run your finger over it and lift to put the letter in
>there. With the iPhone and iPad you double tap in order to put letters in a
>text field. I feel that becoming familiar with Android will give me more
>options in the future should I decide to switch to a different model. With
>the iPhone you have the iPhone, with the Android devices you have Samsung,
>Motorola, etc. I like the option of being able to add more memory using a SD
>Card if I want to. The tablet I purchased is running Kit Kat and it has the
>Samsung Galaxy platform which I also like because my dad and mom are always
>asking me about their Samsung Galaxy S5's. Other than to play around with
>it, I am not sure what it's main purpose is going to be. I would like to be
>able to utilize it at school more, but we will have to just wait and see.

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