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I thought we were talking about the wooden block being a casing that
surrounds the hard drive components.


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It will work perfectly as a wooden block, but probably not so much as a hard
drive.  I doubt a wooden block would be able to store data.  So it will
smoke a little bit every once in a while, just put an extra fan in there,
then when it does catch fire it will have flames shooting out of the
machine..  Doesn't that sound nice and comforting for your home?



On Apr 20, 2014, at 5:17 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If it works perfectly then go for it, but if I am not mistaken that is one
of the components that gets pretty hot.


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He might replace the hard drive with a wooden block, but it will fit


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There's an idea


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Hey, why not let Don go into B t B mode and let him work on your computer?  


On Apr 18, 2014, at 10:40 PM, Josh < <mailto:lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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We have a day planned over at the in-laws tomorrow (Saturday), we are taking
our young-in (young one) over there to dye Easter Eggs. They invited us last
weekend. This weekend we received a text asking if his grandfather could
pick him up at noon. That is fine. Then we told them that we wanted to be a
part of it with him, his aunt and cousins will be over there dying the eggs
as well. She said well if you all are coming to then you all can bring him
when you come, they planned to take part in this without us? What? I am
sorry, but I was raised that holidays are spent with family involvement and
that is what I want him to remember as well, I don't want him to think we
pass him off and don't participate with him because that is the furtherest
thing from the truth in fact we want to be involved with everything he does.
To give some background though, he was asked earlier this week if he wanted
to dye eggs with us at home or if he wanted to go over there. He responded
by saying he wanted to dye eggs here at the house. He then changed his mind
as long as we were going to be over there with him.

    We also received a text tonight from the birth mother informing us of
what he liked and that dollar puzzle books make great easter basket
stuffers. We told her we have it handled and that he likes legos, writing
tools that will teach him how to write in cursive, basketballs, etc. as
well. She texted back and said no offense, but I am his mother. We told her
that we have his Easter handled as of a week ago and $200.00 later along
with his easter outfit that we sent her a picture of him in. She didn't
respond anymore.

     I find it ironic that she said that because earlier tonight I over
heard him tell a lady at the dentist office that his mom was back in the
back getting her teeth cleaned and he asked if he could go and use the
bathroom. It reminded me of that old saying anyone can be a father, but it
takes a real person to be a dad.

Anyways, back to Easter plans. Sunday we are going to sunrise service. After
the church service we will be going to my dad and mom's house to eat Easter
dinner with them and the rest of my family have been invited as well.
Hopefully my less than a month old baby cousin will be able to attend.  

Take care and if my computer crashes before I am able to get back on here
before Easter, then Happy Easter!


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