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  • Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 22:41:31 -0500

Yep time to climb the tree I think.  

On Aug 19, 2014, at 7:45 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I sent his supervisor an e-mail over the weekend which I also included him on 
> the e-mail in the cc field explaining that due to his inexperience and being 
> green behind the ears at this he has failed to provide for my basic needs. I 
> expressed my understanding of his being new and not being as experienced as 
> my two previous counselors, but nonetheless he wil not listen and thinks he 
> knows it all. I explained that I am going into this semester with no textbook 
> money which in the past the 2 counselors provided the funds knowing that it 
> would not take it all, but that it would be used for something dealing with 
> school and more than likely prevent the department from having to pay out 
> even more money for other areas. I went on to explain that I understand my 
> Hope scholarship was based on merit and therefore according to their website 
> on policy it has to be used before any agency money is used. I went on to 
> explain that since I am not being provided textbook money a basic need for 
> going to school I am requesting that maintenance fees be included (I also 
> found this on the website under policy). Maintenance fees include things such 
> as funds for shelter, clothing, and food. I have never been provided these 
> funds in the past because the excess money from textbooks has covered it. We 
> will see if I receive a response today because I did not receive a response 
> yesterday so I will be collecting the regional supervisor’s information today 
> in the off chance I do not hear back from this supervisor. Once this one 
> doesn’t answer then I will go to state representatives and cc everyone I 
> attempted to talk to prior to going this route.        
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> Subject: [audio-pals] Re: Decision Has Been Made
> The question was asked of whether I planned to go to this field of employment 
> or this field? I chose law school. Keep in mind I was given a choice. Now, I 
> am having to defend my choice with this knuckle brained VR person. Asked me 
> how my current path relates to law school. Well *scratching my head* look 
> around buddy psychology is in everything we do, not to mention the fact that 
> I chose law school first thing when I was asked back in 2009 and I was forced 
> to make a smaller goal. I wrote my response very carefully. Now, I guess we 
> will see come the first of the week.   
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> Subject: [audio-pals] Decision Has Been Made
> Well, the decision has been made and submitted by e-mail to my voc rehab 
> counselor regarding what I plan to do after I graduate with my B.A. I always 
> tell Little Man shoot for an Eagle, bag a Pheasant, and never eat Crow. I am 
> going for the top and told my VR counselor that I am sticking with my 
> original plan to go to law school.

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