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Hello All,

  I should be studying, or writing a paper, or doing something with school,
but we had court today in Kentucky and it was a victory. Amanda and I were
granted permanent custody, you should have been here when we told Little Man
which I may now introduce as Christopher. He was so excited as we all were.
However, Amanda was updating her mom on the verdict and we learned what we
had thought all along that she was playing both sides of the fence or for
lack of better words being a snake in the grass. Amanda sent her a text
saying that we were granted permanent custody and her less than lovely
sister responded on her mom's phone saying your welcome and it is only until
I get myself stable again. We have been told by both workers that once
permanent custody is granted it is basically a done deal. They both,
Kentucky and Tennessee, have said that they only have seen it occur once
maybe twice in their entire career. Tennessee said she doesn't think she has
seen it done at all. The troubling part is that Tennessee and Kentucky have
told us this, but apparently someone has told the less than lovely sister
that once she gets stable then she can regain custody which is troubling
because which side is being shot straight is my question. It is up to Amanda
and myself whether or not we allow visitations, but that is not entirely the
case since he is in therapy and prior to the verdict today it has been said
that the therapist will determine when he is ready. So, I find it very
disturbing that the less than lovely meh checks and tries to contact her son
on Easter or there abouts, but has not attempted any contact since then.
After the verdict today one of the first things she asks is when she can see
him. She doesn't ask how he is doing, how school is going for him, she has
never asked how he has been through any of this. No, the only person she is
worried about pleasing is herself. She could care less that her son will not
even refer to her by her title, but rather refers to her as meh because he
has that much anger towards her. He refuses to even talk to his sister about
her and just goes silent when she is brought up. Oh man I get more and more
livid over this as I type. I do not understand how someone can be so self
centered that they could care less about their child and only cares about
what they can get out of it. She has made a public display of affection to
get sympathy and to appear that she is you know mom of the year which loses
her kids because of someone else on FB. It is pathetic and drives me insane.
At the same time it worries me that we have been told it is basically a done
deal and she has been told that she can get him back when she gets stable.
We have probably fought more for this kid in the last year and a half than
she has ever dreamed of fighting for him. I am hoping that unless there is
some sort of extenuating circumstance that occurs down the road that she has
over looked the fact that the paperwork says "Permanent". I can't imagine a
judge wanting to continually cause upset in a child's life where they have
no stability due to having to transfer custody on a continual basis. I have
to tell myself that the word "permanent" really means something otherwise
this will continue to bother me. Well, anyways I wanted to update you all
and I apologize for the rant or rambling of emotions that is going on. I
hope all is doing well and talk to you all later.  

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