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This was my thought process. I know towards the end of the semester I have
one 10 page paper due in one class and then in another class I have a 15
page paper due. I believe there is a 5 page paper due in another class so it
will be a busy time towards the end.


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Yep I agree, get it done early then can use your energy for other things and
matters for the rest of the semester.  


On Aug 25, 2014, at 8:02 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Well, one of the big assignments is coming up next week. I signed up for a
group presentation that is to be given on Sept. 3. There is supposed to be 3
other members in my group, but being that it is the first group no one is
signing up *LOL*. My thoughts are do it and get it over with, then the rest
of the semester I can listen to the presentations. The presentation is 20
minutes long, the longest presentation that I have given since being at the
university. well the longest presentation I have given period since starting
college. The good thing is the video can be up to 5 minutes long and I found
one that was 46 seconds long and then I found another one that was 200
seconds long so 4 minutes and 6 seconds. The videos are funny, but I had to
ask Amanda about both of them to make sure what the content was and one to
make sure that they were appropriate. Given the audience I believe they will
be just fine. The presentation is on parental stress and family stress
theory or something to that nature. One video is of penguins, a hand full of
baby penguins and then the momma penguin, the penguins are going off and
then all of a sudden the momma penguin kicks one of them off into the water
*LOL*. After that they all shut up for a second and then started right back
into it. The next one is a rap song about parental stress and at one point
she says I have all my "bitches and hoes" with me, but when Amanda watched
it, it was concluded that she was being politically correct as in the video
there were two dogs and then when she said "hoes" it showed her with her
garden hoes. So, that was the extent of the videos. I just about kicked the
song due to the language, but then when Amanda watched it I decided to keep
it. It is now in my professor's inbox waiting for approval. Anyways if you
all will, keep me in your prayers regarding this presentation. One of the
videos that I am going to paste at the bottom is very much so visual, but
Bethann and the other sighted members can enjoy that one and we can all if
we choose to enjoy the song.         


46 seconds: Lead into the presentation



200 Seconds: Finish out the lecture



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