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  • Date: Wed, 20 May 2015 16:37:09 -0400

I am just glad I did not wait until today to record. I had a feeling that it
was getting worse. I had been saying that I was going to get a recording up
so if I had of waited then no telling when it would have happened.

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Smiles, that's all right. Will give it a listen.

On 5/18/2015 3:15 PM, Josh wrote:

Hey Everyone,

I just sent an audio letter to dropbox. Unfortunately, here in East
Tennessee we are in peak allergy season. I usually am not effected by
allergies, but this season I have fallen to the allergies *LOL*. So, anyone
that decides to listen please forgive the allergy sounding person on the
other end of the recording *LOL*. Once allergy season passes I will do one
without me struggling to talk between coughing and everything else. With
that being said I do not think it flowed as well as some of my past audio

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