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  • From: Susan Waaga <s_waaga@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 15 May 2014 02:48:21 -0700 (PDT)

Well done Josh!  All the best for next semester.  Suzi
On Tuesday, 13 May 2014 11:34 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Well, all my grades are in for this past semester. I am a senior now, which I 
think I reported the other day. I have passed all my classes. The final report 
on grades is Multicultural  Psychology – C+, Methods and Research of Psychology 
– B, Learning and Thinking – A-, and Adolescent Development – A. I am not sure 
if I reported on Amanda’s grades or not she made a B in Torts and B+ was in 
research, but given the welcomed change to our routine in the middle of the 
semester, I am happy with our grades.
     What I am not happy with is the fact my professor in Adolescent 
Development did not give me one individual grade until about an hour ago 
throughout the entire semester. The final grades were required by the 
university to be in by 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. I guess I can now go and rate 
her on www.ratemyprofessor.com without fear of recourse from my comments since 
my grade is now on the transcript.
    The Research and Methods class I had to have in order to go to grad school, 
if I was not planning to go to grad school then I could have taken a different 
research and methods course, but I figured if I want to go to grad school then 
I need that option. The Learning and Thinking class I needed to count toward my 
degree requirements. So, I am now done with the classes I have to take for my 
degree. I have to take one more course that is a genral requirement of the 
university, but as far as my psychology courses I am done with all I have to 
take as an undergraduate. So, Ray if you are still reading to this point, thank 
you for the compliment the other day regarding me having the psychobabble down. 
If I do not have it down then I probably should not be finished with my 
undergraduate classes in psychology.
     Additionally I have taken all of the child development courses and for 
that matter all of the child courses offered at the university. I have taken 
Theory and Research of Child Development, Child Development, Childhood 
Psychopathologies, and now Adolescent Development.
    Next semester I am signed up for CFS 320 – Family Interaction, CFS 360 – 
Family Stress, CFS 385 – Diversity Among Children and Families, Soci 446 – 
Modern World System ( General Requirement), and Soci 451 – Criminal Justice. I 
will end up dropping one of these classes to bring me back down to 4 classes, 
but here is what it is until the fall semester. Sometime this summer I am going 
to have to apply to graduate and talk to my VR person about taking the GRE for 
grad school. I guess it is time to talk business since I have done my part and 
kept my grades up for the most part, now I have to convince VR that grad school 
is necessary in order to do something with my degree. There are things that can 
be done at the Bachelor’s level with a psychology degree, but there are few 
things. Once I am able to get a Masters or Ph D then I can have my own practice 
and start making some real moo la. 

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