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Great job, you should both be very proud of such good grades in the midst of so 
many changes and challenges!
Congratulations!!   BethAnn
On Monday, May 12, 2014 6:55 PM, Heather <copperlee73@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Congratulations Josh and Amanda.  I am sure this was a tough time for school 
and family life.  Great job on your personal and University achievements. 
Way to go!
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> Well, all my grades are in for this past semester. I am a senior now, 
> which
> I think I reported the other day. I have passed all my classes. The final
> report on grades is Multicultural  Psychology - C+, Methods and Research 
> of
> Psychology - B, Learning and Thinking - A-, and Adolescent Development - 
> A.
> I am not sure if I reported on Amanda's grades or not she made a B in 
> Torts
> and B+ was in research, but given the welcomed change to our routine in 
> the
> middle of the semester, I am happy with our grades.
>     What I am not happy with is the fact my professor in Adolescent
> Development did not give me one individual grade until about an hour ago
> throughout the entire semester. The final grades were required by the
> university to be in by 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. I guess I can now go and
> rate her on www.ratemyprofessor.com without fear of recourse from my
> comments since my grade is now on the transcript.
>    The Research and Methods class I had to have in order to go to grad
> school, if I was not planning to go to grad school then I could have taken 
> a
> different research and methods course, but I figured if I want to go to 
> grad
> school then I need that option. The Learning and Thinking class I needed 
> to
> count toward my degree requirements. So, I am now done with the classes I
> have to take for my degree. I have to take one more course that is a 
> genral
> requirement of the university, but as far as my psychology courses I am 
> done
> with all I have to take as an undergraduate. So, Ray if you are still
> reading to this point, thank you for the compliment the other day 
> regarding
> me having the psychobabble down. If I do not have it down then I probably
> should not be finished with my undergraduate classes in psychology.
>     Additionally I have taken all of the child development courses and for
> that matter all of the child courses offered at the university. I have 
> taken
> Theory and Research of Child Development, Child Development, Childhood
> Psychopathologies, and now Adolescent Development.
>    Next semester I am signed up for CFS 320 - Family Interaction, CFS 
> 360 -
> Family Stress, CFS 385 - Diversity Among Children and Families, Soci 446 -
> Modern World System ( General Requirement), and Soci 451 - Criminal 
> Justice.
> I will end up dropping one of these classes to bring me back down to 4
> classes, but here is what it is until the fall semester. Sometime this
> summer I am going to have to apply to graduate and talk to my VR person
> about taking the GRE for grad school. I guess it is time to talk business
> since I have done my part and kept my grades up for the most part, now I
> have to convince VR that grad school is necessary in order to do something
> with my degree. There are things that can be done at the Bachelor's level
> with a psychology degree, but there are few things. Once I am able to get 
> a
> Masters or Ph D then I can have my own practice and start making some real
> moo la.

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