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sorry, I would like to know more, what is mean by "vocal vocoding"?

Steve Schnelle 於 19/1/2016 8:44 寫道:

David, I don’t know about any software but my TC Helicon harmonizer does that.
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Any recommendations for a good vocal effect that will make my voice pop out of the mix? I've got an airy/whispy voice that doesn't seem to mix well with guitars and drums recorded hot.
I can scream and it sounds better, especially because I tend to not be flat when I scream, but I can't do that for long and don't really want to do it too much. That kind of emotive work is exhausting.
I tend to be about 25 cents off when transitioning, too, and would like to attempt to auto tune it. I was hoping to find an effect that I could just slap on the vocal track and not have to find each of those "off key" transitions.
Anybody used an effect to achieve such a, well, effect in the mix?

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