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  • Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2016 14:07:03 +0100


I have a Behringer Xenix 1202 USB and it works perfectly. If someone wants to use Audacity and record with this mixer having the screen reader in the recording, that is possible by 2 ways:

1: Set the USB mixer as the default playing/recording device. This is made in your computer's sound settings.

By default it should be microphone, if you're using the generic driver.
In the recording device's propertys dialog, look for the listen tab and check the box that indicates that the recording device should also play back through your speakers.

- Now, in Audacity, preferences, device, set windows wasapi as the host.

Then press tab 2 times and choose your sound card speaker's loop back.

Now Audacity records everything that the computer plays internally, including the screen reader.

It will also play and record what goes into the mixer's sound section.

The only problem with this, is latency, but unfortunatly, using these settings, that is impossible to avoyd, at least in versions latter than windows vista.

2: Another way, would be to set the mixer's sound card as the recording device, thenn, make your screen reader come through one of the mixer's inputs using a sound cable.

To listen and monitor the sound, you should listen to the overall mix in the sound section of the mixer.

This way, you have no latency and at the same time, you can control each volume level directly in the mixer.

Now these are the work arounds with Audacity.

However, there's a very very simple utility that just records sound. It has a virtual device that is used to record internal sounds like your screen reader, and it also has the normal input for your soundcard.

Both can be recorded at the same time with no latency.

That's virtual recorder. I'm preparing a small podcast that will breafly explain how to set it up and usit.

If anyway someone needs help, i can explain in private, as this is the Audacity's mailing list.
Hope that helps.

Às 12:22 de 02/08/2016, Kristoffer Gustafsson escreveu:

The 1202 has usb. there are two versions of that mixer.
have you tested this things with usb, and had this working?
without the internal soundcard in the computer?
When using jaws I just go into the volume Control, and set it to the
volume I want it to have.
Right now I don't have so high volume, because I usepeakers. the
computers internal s

2016-08-01 17:11 GMT+02:00, Kristoffer Gustafsson <kg.kristoffer@xxxxxxxxx>:
Kristoffer Gustafsson
Salängsgatan 7a
tel:033-12 60 93
mobil: 0730-500934
I've got my behringer 1202 some months ago, and it works perfectly.
I bought a computer (msi gt72) with many audio Connections, and that was
But I want something small I can carry with my computer.
the 1202 is not easy to have. because of the Power adapter and such things.
do you have anything to recomend?
I want to have live monitoring, like behringer 1202, so I hear what I'm
what would you recomend?

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