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  • Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2016 17:18:40 +1000

Hi Kristoffer

To add to Adrian's comments, I happen to have both a Behringer Q302 and Q502 on my desk at work at present. The latter is mine, having bought it just over a week ago.

You asked how to set it up. Simply connect it to a USB port on your computer. It will be recognised as another card. If you wish, set it as the default card. Either way, if you set Audacity to record and/or playback through it that's what will happen.

One thing I don't like but may not be an issue for you is the way the two stereo ins work. One has a fader and you cannot listen to what is coming through it while listening to the audio from the USB section. You can do so with the other stereo input, but have to adjust the level from the source.

It has two-band eq on both mike input and output. Especially for the money, sound is very good.

The Q502 is a bit larger and does require an external power supply. It is by no means bulky to carry but, especially with the generous amount of cable on the power supply, is less convenient if ultimate portability is important. It has two stereo inputs as well as the mike/mono line in. Both have faders and pan. Unlike the 302, phantom power is switchable (it is always on in the 302. It also has a stereo in that is flat via RCA plugs (others are 6.5mm). You have a choice of 6.5mm or RAC out to speakers.

One thing I really like is that it is possible to listen to the screen reader through headphones while recording and can choose to record or not to record the screen reader.

I strongly suggest you get one or both in your hands before making a decision. I am very impressed with both but you need to weigh up what works for your purposes.


On 2/08/2016 4:00 AM, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:

Ok, how do I set this up then?
I want to know as much as possible Before I buy that mixer.
I don't want to use the built in soundcard in the computer.

2016-08-01 17:11 GMT+02:00, Kristoffer Gustafsson <kg.kristoffer@xxxxxxxxx>:
Kristoffer Gustafsson
Salängsgatan 7a
tel:033-12 60 93
mobil: 0730-500934
I've got my behringer 1202 some months ago, and it works perfectly.
I bought a computer (msi gt72) with many audio Connections, and that was
But I want something small I can carry with my computer.
the 1202 is not easy to have. because of the Power adapter and such things.
do you have anything to recomend?
I want to have live monitoring, like behringer 1202, so I hear what I'm
what would you recomend?

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