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Hi Ron
You mean you want to play just one trac? For example, you record your vocal and 
instrument, and then you want to listen to your vocal? If so, just move cursor 
to this, and press S to toggle the solo option
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  Hi all.

  I'm struggling with the idea of having more than one track in a project.  I 
can't qquite grasp the concept.

  One project is open and as you cursor key down it says, "table track one 
select on".  Go down and its 2, 3 4 etc.

  If I go to track one with the cursor and press space for play, it plays the 
same on each track which ever one I press the space bar on.

  I understand tracks to be songs, 7 one side of an lp for example.  

  Therefore, if track one is selected you should be able to hear and work on 
that track alone.

  But this doesn't seem to be the case.

  Can anyone shed more light on this?

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