[audacity4blind] Re: still wrestling with latency and correcting it, help please

  • From: Robert Hänggi <aarjay.robert@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: audacity4blind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2014 17:23:40 +0100

Thank you david for testing.
Have you tried different accuracies?
"1" means 44-samples and 10 4-sample precision (at a 44.1 kHz sample-rate).
Click-tracks might not be so ideal, especially at a multiple of 60.
However, My recent tests did all yield a proper result. I've tested
with click-track, flamenco-style (included in the plug-in) and chirp.
Recording device is stereo mix (fairly noisy, with strong DC-offset).
The latency average is 89 ms and varies by about +/-4 ms.
I know that there are sometimes ironious return-values (i.e. high
ones). I simply ignore them and test anew, either with a new selection
or a new recording.
There's currently no microphone plugged into my computer, so I can't
tell about such measurements.
I really do appreciate your feed back.

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